Sunday, June 25, 2017

Developing: State Rep. Tommy Brann Wants To Increase Smoking Age To 21

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Tommy Brann says it's time to increase the age to legally purchase tobacco in Michigan from 18 to 21.

Defending the proposed legislation in a heated Facebook discussion, Brann says changing the law is the right decision.

"My bar and restaurant is a blue collar business. I see my young people making mistakes on smoking. I thought I was suppose to bring my life experiences to Lansing," Brann said. "My human side ---I see my young people hurting themselves and we all know smoking is bad for you. I am just raising the age to drinking age. Ok my business side ----we have 1.36 billion of Medicade costs in our state because of smoking so it means less government if we raise the age. On my governance side ----article IV section 51 the public health and general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be matters of primary public concern. The legislation shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of the public health. I took an oath Last ---I think it will save lives and the young people who do not start smoking will have more time to enjoy freedom."

Others disagreed.

"(T)here are lots of dangerous things in this world, many that I like to do (I'm a big fan of swimming, which kills thousands of people each year, and driving a car, which kills tens of thousands). Adults can make decisions about their own bodies," wrote Jarrett Skorup of the Mackinac Center.

Conservative activist and former State House candidate Angela Rigas said "While smoking is so bad for you, I just don't think we need another law to 'help' people make wise choices."

"This prohibition on under age smokers will not work any more than the drug war we are losing," said Chuck Bates. "I have seen bills being introduced to help heroin overdoses, heroin is illegal and yet ODs are going up. My point is that this type of legislation will have little impact. For the record in the interactions I have had with Tommy he has always struck me as a very good man. I just disagree with this."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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1 comment:

  1. What a noble sentiment!

    So what's the next bill to be introduced by Rep. Brann?

    Government ban on eating red meat?

    Government mandated daily exercise?

    Government prohibition on alcohol? It worked SO well the last time that one was tried.

    I see that Rep. Brann's "life experiences" failed to include any lessons regarding self-determination.