Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lena Epstein: Bob Young Needs To Take A Stand Against Sanctuary Cities

By Brandon Hall
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Detroit area businesswoman and former Michigan Trump Campaign Co-Chair Lena Epstein says Bob Young needs to get tough on sanctuary cities.

Epstein has launched her campaign to run for US Senate against Debbie Stabenow. Young says he is running, but has not made it official yet....

According to Conservative Intel:

"Epstein says that she “unapologetically supports President Donald Trump, and will defund sanctuary cities and work to build the wall.”
Young, the former Michigan Supreme Court Justice, is expected to announce his candidacy soon, but has not yet done so.
“I challenge Justice Young to clarify where he stands on these critical issues,” Epstein said in her statement released with the video.
Epstein also alluded to Young not being the type of candidate citizens are looking for, since he’s carved out much of his career as an elected official, like Democratic opponent Debbie Stabenow.
“Debbie Stabenow and Bob Young combine 65 years in elective office. Voters are looking for outsiders — real world business leaders — job creators with firsthand perspective into the ways federal government has underserved American citizens and businesses for far too long.”
Many conservatives and supporters of Donald Trump in Michigan agree with this sentiment. Even political pundit Bill Ballenger came out early in saying the former Trump co-chair could be Stabenow’s toughest opponent to date.
“She’s a skilled public speaker, and she’s an outsider who can lambaste ‘The System’ and Stabenow’s role in it,” Bill Ballenger said to MIRS News. “Epstein takes any gender issue off the table. She has the potential to be the toughest Republican Stabenow has ever faced in her 42-year career in elective office.”

She’s now standing strong with President Trump and his immigration plan, one of the top issues liberals and Democrats have been speaking out against and protesting since Trump announced his candidacy for president two years ago."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Not surprising that the ALL HAT, NO CATTLE Lena Epstein Campaign has to resort to SMEAR CAMPAIGNS to deflect from her Empty Rhetoric/Record!

    Join in the Fight to Retire #Michigan #USSenate (do nothing) Debbie Stabenow.

    learn more:
    ("Thanks Alot Debbie, NOT" - Replace Stabenow Group)
    Details on Debbie Stabenow's Record

  2. If Justice Young wants to gain any traction in this race, at the very least he'll need to adapt to President Trump's style, rather than that of the republican kakistocracy.

    From my observations, American Voters are sick & tired of politicians who adept at "talking the talk", yet are hilariously incapable of "walking the walk".

    The first (almost) six months of Presidents Trump's Administration is a perfect example of this.

    While President Trump had pushed for the very things that he campaigned for from pretty much his first day in office (i.e. REPEAL Obamacare...not replace it in phases at a glacial pace, Building of The Wall, tax reform, etc.), Lyin' Ryan & Mitch "the turtle" McConnell along with the rest of the Congressional republican "leadership" have done everything they could to gum up the works and impede The President's agenda as much as they could.

    Ms. Epstein has clearly demonstrated that she is in sync with President Trump's vision for America.

    When will Justice Young do the same?