Monday, June 5, 2017

Agema+Colbeck Endorse Calley's Part Time Legislature Campaign

Colbeck, left, Agema, right (Photo by DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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Former RNC Committeeman Dave Agema and State Senator Patrick Colbeck have announced their support for Lt. Gov. Brian Calley's campaign for a part time legislature.

According to a Facebook statement, Agema says the constitutional amendment has his full support:

"The part time legislature idea has grown legs again. I put this bill up in 2007 with little support and no committee hearing allowed- they love their full time pay for being in session less than 90 days a year. 

Lt. Governor Calley, a house classmate of mine is pushing the idea presently. I will support this. It is long overdue. There is a reason Michigan citizens are over taxed and regulated- it's called a full time legislature. We are one of but a few with a full time legislature. The savings will be not just in wages etc., but rather in less law. The only thing required in our constitution is a budget and few work on it. The rest are working on new laws, taxes, fines, fees and regulations. 

Please vote for this initiative if it reaches the ballot box ( sign the petition if asked) unless you're happy with the way things are, which few are. There will be many false claims to prevent this from happening. 41 States can't be wrong!"

In a comment replying to an inquiry questioning his position on the issue, Colbeck says he supports the proposal as well.

Calley says that limiting the legislative session to 90 consecutive days will force Lansing politicians to prioritize legislation and pass fewer unneeded laws.
Calley also believes legislators need to spend more time back home living under the laws they pass.
Calley's proposal cuts legislator pay in half, making their pay on par for what a teacher would receive for the same amount of work.
More information about the proposal can be found at
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  1. I have the utmost respect for these two gentlemen, but one glaring questions remains to be answered: According to the Clean Michigan Government website, there are ten points to this plan in total. We've only seen three so far.

    So what are four through ten?