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Opposition Against Shady Meekhof Senate Building Grows As Calls For Schuette To Investigate Continue

Meekhof, right, Schuette, left

By Brandon Hall
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WMP has helped lead the fight over the "Meekhof Senate Building" scandal for over a year, first working with State Rep. Todd Courser to get an official opinion from AG Schuette last spring.

Courser was evidently 'busy" and couldn't get the job done, but a few weeks ago, a Dem State Rep. did, asking for Schuette's opinion in a letter sent to the AG. It's about time people are waking up!

Recently, the 12th and 13th GOP Congressional District Committees also passed resolutions in support of a full investigation by Schuette. (I hope to see other districts doing the same soon, let me know if you need any help!)

13th GOP Congressional District Chair David Dudenhoefer tells WMP he's outraged by the shady deal.

"Fraudulent backroom deals are inexcusable," Dudenhoefer said. "With each new abusive tax-hike to pay for more wasteful spending, the people of Michigan continue to lose confidence in their state government, which they elected to conserve resources. It is crucial that our Michigan Attorney General fulfill his obligation to the people by uncovering into the details of the Senate building purchase, and to hold those accountable for any wrong doing"


We Want The $130 Million #MeekhofSenateBuilding Investigated! Michigan Deserves Better

>>>Below is the full resolution:

"12th Congressional District statement

“Wasteful spending of taxpayer money, and investigation by our Michigan
Attorney General on the acquisition of the Capitol View building.”

During the 2014 legislative season, the Michigan State Senate, led by Majority Leader Randy
Richardville, approved the acquisition of new office space known as “The Capitol View”
building in downtown Lansing.

During the process of the building acquisition, the State Senate failed to have an appraisal, or to
perform an investigation into the building’s tax history.  Only after the purchase did the public
discover, through an independent investigation, that the new building was saddled with tax liens,
and valued far below what was offered by the State Senate in payment.

The State Senate unilaterally chose to move its offices from The Farnum Building which was
paid for, to a building in which the taxpayer will now pay rent.

Furthermore, the new State Senate building will be shared with registered lobbyist groups. This
in itself is appalling.

In the past few years alone, Michigan taxpayers have been repeatedly reminded by the very state
government entrusted with the public purse, that funding for basic necessities such as Michigan
roads have been insufficient.  And yet, the Michigan State Senate will force taxpayers to cough
up an additional $134 million for its new offices.

The State Senate cited inadequacies of the existing building, such as security, old roof, and
cosmetic changes could have all been upgraded in the existing building for a fraction of the cost
Michigan taxpayers will now pay for their ludicrous move.

Therefore, the Republican Delegates of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District stand in outrage
by the utter lack of fiduciary responsibility towards Michigan taxpayers who are overburdened
with increased taxation and plagued by irresponsible spending of its State Government. 

Furthermore, we call on Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to investigate the purchase of
the Capitol View Building as requested by State Representative Scott Dianda of Calumet, and to
hold those accountable for their utter failure in basic due diligence.

A copy of this statement will be made available to State Party leadership, the Michigan Attorney
General, and any interested parties.

Passed on April 8, 2016 during the 12th Congressional District caucus of the Michigan
Republican Party State Convention.

Mover, Tony DeMottt
12th District Convention Chairman"

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Follow the skidmarks, they lead to Monroe.

  2. Thank you for bringing this up. I'd like to get Mecosta County GOP onboard with. Resolution. Are you able to forward me a draft resolution? How should other parties get in touch about this?

  3. How embarrassing that a democrat should get traction asking to investigate this and republicans aren't falling over each other trying to root out corruption. I thought better of the party I joined. We're supposed to be the good guys!

  4. Speaking of wasteful spending, why are they replacing trees and updating landscaping on the expressways?
    I drive on the crumbling, deteriorated roads not sit on the side and admire the landscape. Who is responsible for this stupidity?