Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Carl Defeats "Kahn Artist" For Trump Delegate Spot In Heated 4th District Battle

By Brandon Hall

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Saginaw County GOP Chair Amy Carl prevailed over former State Senator Roger Kahn in the 4th Congressional District Trump delegate election in what was easily the weekend's most watched race in the battle for delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Kahn won a tight victory on the first ballot, 48-45, but on the 2nd ballot, the 4th rallied around Carl.

"Even though I was the actual "winner" of the 4th District Trump Delegate race, I was completely focused on winning to serve the voters," Carl tells WMP. 

Carl knew beating Kahn-who hired a consultant for the race- wouldn't be easy.

"I knew it would be an incredibly tough race since I have worked for Senator Kahn for many years, and the fact that he is so well known in our district," Carl said. "So I did my homework and reached out to as many voters as I could. I wanted them to know my platform for running and answer any questions they had. I knew in my heart what my intentions were going to be if I were elected, and wanted the voters to know as well."

Carl was nervous as she waited for the final results.

"It was an extremely nerve racking day especially waiting for the vote total of the second vote," Carl said. "But I knew I had did the best I could, and that's all you can do in a race like that. The thought of serving the will of the people and being the best representative for Mr Trump never left my mind. It was thrilling to win, but seeing the happiness in my constituent's faces after I won was certainly the best part of the whole night! They trust me to do a great job for them in Cleveland, and I plan on doing that exactly that!"

The Detroit News described the situation this way:

"In mid-Michigan's 4th Congressional District, former state Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw County was seeking to become a Trump delegate.

Kahn’s candidacy drew suspicions from conservative blogger Brandon Hall, who called the former two-term senator is a “Kahn artist” trying to “hijack” a Trump position. But Kahn maintained he fashioned himself after Trump — a politician who sometimes “trips on his tongue.”

But the 4th District caucus on Friday night elected Saginaw GOP Chairwoman Amy Carl over Kahn as a Trump delegate. Carl this week posted to Facebook a signed pledge vowing to support the New York businessman “on every ballot” at the national convention."


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Why were there two rounds of balloting? Kahn got a majority of votes on the first ballot, why was he not elected?