Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Maddock Proud Of Leadership In 11th District As Caucus Causes Controversy

By Brandon Hall

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Things got feisty in the 11th District Caucus Friday night as multiple delegates walked out after Matt Maddock was elected caucus Chair and it was clear they just couldn't get their way...

According to the Detroit News:

"At least one of the congressional district caucuses got rowdy. In the 11th Congressional District meeting, Matt Maddock, a bail bondsman from Milford, filled the caucus with delegates who identified with his conservative Battlecry Michigan network.

Maddock ordered the sergeant-at-arms to block entry to the caucus room to restore order during the raucous meeting, where several Republicans left early when it was clear Maddock's forces out-numbered the rest of the convention delegates.

"Do not let anyone else in this room unless it's an emergency," he declared.

Maddock's wife, Meshawn, was elected Trump's delegate from the 11th District, which covers part of Metro Detroit. State Sen. Patrick Colbeck of Canton, Cruz's state co-chairman, won the 11th District delegate spot. Tamara Swinson-Carlone of Novi was elected Kasich's 11th District delegate.

Swinson-Carlone said she is a firm Kasich supporter, but doubts he can win the nomination.

"I think his chances are pretty low, ... but we have a job to do at convention," she said."

Maddock tells WMP he is pleased with how he ran the caucus.

"Despite what you may hear from the establishment, we are proud that we ran a fair caucus and always will," Maddock said. "We recognized all their points of order and parliamentary inquires. We not only recognized but voted on every one of their motions-including the frivolous. We allowed them to amend or replace or propose any rules. We allowed them to propose any slate or amend any portion of our slate. We called the question (ended debate) with a 2/3 majority on EVERY motion. They didn't have the votes-we beat them fair and square."

Maddock says organization is key to success.

"Conservative Grassroots Delegates were successful in the Mighty 11th because Team Battle Cry was organized and we worked hard to educate and motivate the conservative delegates," Maddock said. "Another factor that led to a 2 to 1 victory was the anger of the delegates stirred by the elimination of 503 precinct delegates by the Oakland County Chair Theresa Mungoli. The establishments unilateral decision to fire a minimum of 90 active, hard working and engaged delegates did not bode well."


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Classic as the establish types can't stand not being able to rig votes and processes. Open and fair meetings drive them CRAZY.