Wednesday, July 1, 2015

House of Meekhof:Senate Majority Leader Eyes Gubernatorial Run, Will Push RFRA+ Common Core Repeal To Regain Conservative Street Cred

By Brandon Hall
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Governor Meekhof?

Prominent Michigan politicos tell WMP State Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof wants to be Governor, and as a result, he is making the moves needed to run in 2018.  Meekhof knows he has a big problem with, among other groups,Conservatives.

After all, Meekhof relentlessly pushed Prop 1, a winner for the Senator's campaign bank account but a loser statewide, the biggest defeat for a proposal in Michigan history.

Meekhof was also vital in bringing Obamacare to Michigan, changed Senate rules to hinder public and media access, and backed shady real estate transactions like the MSP building and new #MeekhofSenateBuilding that left taxpayers on the hook for special interest deals...That's just the short version. 

Because of that, look for Meekhof to push the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, and a repeal of Common Core in Michigan. Meekhof is already in active discussions about legislation on those and other issues as well.This is also why he pushed the religious objection adoption bills.

Repealing "prevailing wage" was part of his plan, but Snyder won't sign it and his veto can't be overridden, leaving the fate of that policy in the hands of a citizen's petition drive for now. Meekhof is solidifying his establishment cred-and future campaign donations-by ferociously pushing a road package popular with the Lansing crowd that violates his campaign promise to fight tax increases.

Could Arlan Meekhof beat Bill Schuette, Paul Mitchell, Candice Miller and/or Brian Calley? It would be immensely hard, but Arlan is not to be underestimated. Though he didn't graduate college, he is one of the smartest people in Lansing. Gov. Snyder's 3 degrees don't mean a damn thing to Meekhof, Arlan is politically "street smart" and can more than hold his own when dealing with Snyder and anyone else. He would also probably be the only candidate from West Michigan, giving him access to large amounts of campaign cash from prominent families and business interests in the region. (And when one hasn't held coffee hours or a town hall with Constituents in almost 3 years, one has plenty of time to solicit funds.)

Meekhof spent the least of 7 contenders to win his State House primary in 2006, and has climbed the Lansing ladder ever since. Can he keep climbing? He's street smart, now he needs some "street cred" with conservatives as the kids say. A more in depth breakdown in the coming weeks, stay tuned...


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. "Could Arlan Meekhof beat Bill Schuette, Paul Mitchell, Candice Miller and/or Brian Calley? "

    With the notable exception of Paul Mitchell (the republican kakistocracy is not too happy with what he pulled off and how much he pulled it off with), I'm not seeing too much of a groundswell of support for Team "r" after they literally dropped their drawers and relieved themselves on Michigan Taxpayers.

    The Michigan Income Tax Hike, The Michigan Pension Tax Hike, The DIA, er I mean Detroit Bailout, The Great Lakes Water Authority, Snydercaid...these are all programs that have been implemented and/or signed off by republicans.

    Candy Miller will have some 'splainin to do regarding her votes on raising the debt ceiling, fast track, and paying lip service to growing federal pork under her hatch.

    I'm of the VERY strong opinion that the grass roots has had enough of the "Just vote for us one more time"- argument because of the duplicity displayed repeatedly by those in office ( I've only included a short list) and just sit this one out.

    Since this would be during a presidential cycle, after the demolition derby the GOP race will ultimately devolve into, along with the MSM ignoring any other candidate who doesn't have a "-d" or "-r" after their name, get used to the idea of a Governor Hackel calling the shots after January '17.

  2. I have been "reminded" that the next Michigan Gubernatorial race will occur after the presidential election.

    I stand corrected on that point, but still don't see the grassroots rallying around Team "r" in '18.

    Especially if the Michigan House downs the kool aid and adopts any part of the Michigan Senate Republicans plan of raising taxes to fix Michigan Roads after Prop 1 got nuked back in May.