Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Huizenga Is Finally Almost Caught Up On Old Campaign Finance Issues

Rep. Bill Huizenga

By Brandon Hall
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Rep. Bill Huizenga has met his April 14th deadline to address nearly $1,000 worth of missing contributions from his "Huizenga House Fund" PAC. Huzienga had said he had donated $900 to Holly Hughes, but her records didn't show the contribution.

Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams said Huizenga has turned in all requested paperwork as of today.

"The congressman and PAC representatives are working with Bureau of Elections staff to resolve a couple of remaining reporting issues and then potentially dissolve the committee," Woodhams said in an email to WMP. "At this time, they have responded to the requests of Elections staff and staff is reviewing what was received."

The issue has played out over the last few months as Huizenga has tried to adddress a myriad of campaign finance issues with Ruth Johnson's office.

It is unknown whether he will be fined, one would think he would be, given 14 reports were 5-10 years late and 6 contributions totaling $14,000 went unaccounted for, among other things.

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