Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gamrat Announces She Will Run For RNC

State Rep. Cindy Gamrat, left, with son Joey, right

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Cindy Gamrat announced today she will seek the position of Republican National  Committeewoman. 

Gamrat, a first term State Rep. from Plainwell, joins Kathleen Berden, Mary Whiteford, and Isabelle Terry as the candidates in the running to replace Ronna Romney McDaniel as Michigan's female Representative to the RNC.

Gamrat bested Whiteford and Allegan Twp. Supervisor Steve Schultz in a fierce primary battle in the 80th State House district to determine who would replace popular outgoing State Rep. Bob Genetski. 

In a Facebook announcement, Gamrat said that:

 "I have decided to run for Republican National Committee Woman! 

After a lot of thought and prayer, I feel compelled that God has uniquely positioned me for this next step. On my journey, I have had incredible experiences within the Republican party, the grassroots movement, in my district, and throughout the state, that have positioned me to be a powerful voice for the delegates and a champion of the foundational values of our party as Republican National Committee Woman. 

Many are unaware of this position or the influence that it has in the National Committee of the Republican Party; this position provides a tremendous platform for advancing the cause of liberty and freedom. It does not conflict with my position as a State Representative, but is an unpaid inner party position that will require attendance at a few meetings a year where I will have the opportunity to fight for and advance our Christian values and our conservative platform within the Republican Party leadership."

The MIGOP State Committee will vote at their next meeting to decide who gets the position.

This is Gamrat's full PRESS RELEASE today:

Cindy Gamrat, State Representative and grassroots leader, announced today that she is running to be Michigan’s next Republican National Committee Woman. This position was recently vacated by Ronna Romney McDaniel when she was elected Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.
“I believe our Republican message of renewing American values, restoring our American dream, and creating a culture of hope can inspire our nation at a time when we desperately need renewed hope,” says Gamrat, “and I am running to proclaim our message at the national level.”
The Republican delegates of each state elect one man and one women to represent them on the National Republican Committee and at the National Convention. The RNC vote on several important issues including the party platform. 

“I stand committed to our values of life, liberty, opportunity, and small business entrepreneurship that make up our party platform. I believe these values will unleash prosperity and provide a better future for children and grandchildren,” stated Gamrat. 

Due to the vacancy, the next RNC Woman will be selected by the State Committee which is expected to be held in early May.

“Our strength is found in our dedicated volunteer base, our delegates. I will encourage and support “ground-up leadership” through a strong voice of the delegates who are the crucial hands and feet for the party.” Gamrat said.

Regarding some hot button issues within the Republican Party, Gamrat also added that she does not support the ballot proposal for a tax increase and instead is working with colleagues in the State House to find solutions to cover the cost of road funding within our current budget. However, she does support having a closed primary when selecting a Republican Presidential Candidate.

“Along with knocking on thousands of doors in my district, I have also spent the last few years traveling the state to meet and spend time with Republican and conservative leaders, members, and activists to listen to their thoughts, needs, and vision for our state and nation. It will be an honor to empower their voices by bringing them into the national conversation as the next Republican National Committee Woman.” Gamrat reported.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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