Friday, April 17, 2015

Source: Planned Parenthood Reference Prompted Gamrat Purge, Cotter Will Invite Her Back

State Rep. Cindy Gamrat speaks at Paul Mitchell's Anti Prop 1 Event in Lansing Wednesday (Photo by Darlene Dowling Thompson)

By Brandon Hall
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A high level source tells West Michigan Politics that State Rep. Cindy Gamrat's reference to Planned Parenthood in her recent Facebook post was the "final straw," for a faction of Anti-Gamrat representatives including State Rep. Al Pscholka, prompting them to convince Speaker Kevin Cotter to boot her from the caucus.

Gamrat's vote was ironicly vital in securing the Speakership for Cotter over Pscholka.

Within the next week or two, the source believes Cotter will offer Gamrat a chance to return to the caucus, and they will move forward.

The Anti-Gamrat legislators argued that Gamrat's post could tie members with funding unpopular Planned Parenthood legislation. The Reps contended the post might erroneously show someone in the caucus supports Planned Parenthood funding.

Sick of her for many other things, including vocal opposition to Prop 1, an issue that has fiercely divided the GOP caucus, the Reps decided they wanted Gamrat purged and the post wasn't a big deal at all, merely a vehicle to do it. WMP can confirm tensions are so high  in the legislature over the Prop 1 road tax package, legislators have been told not to wear anti Prop 1 buttons in Lansing.

Controversy ensued yesterday after WMP brke the story Cotter had ousted Gamrat from the House GOP caucus.

Facebook post that got Gamrat booted

A few hours later, Gamrat said she was ousted for a Facebook post. Gamrat responded to her removal, writing, "In no way did I reveal anything confidential from the meeting, and I have never violated the integrity of our caucus."

Here is her full statement:

"I ran for office on a platform of transparency and accountability. Yesterday, I made a Facebook post regarding some thoughts on House budget bills that had already gone through public hearings before being passed by their respective subcommittees. I did this while in attendance at what had been described to Republican legislators as a “budget workshop.” Today I was informed that the Facebook post, attached below, was a violation of the sanctity of the caucus, and was told by the Speaker of the House that I was no longer welcome as a participant in the weekly Republican caucus meeting.

In no way did I reveal anything confidential from the meeting, and I have never violated the integrity of our caucus. I may disagree on issues with my colleagues, but I respect the trust between us. I was elected to be accountable to the hard working taxpayers of Allegan County and the state of Michigan. I will work diligently and independently every day for their best interests. I appreciate your prayers and support as I continue to stand as a strong voice for personal liberties, Constitutional rights, and fiscal responsibility, even if I must stand alone.

With firm reliance on divine providence,


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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. I fully stand with Cindy Gamrat.
    If Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter is telling the truth then let him prove it and if he refuses then Cindy should be restored to her right to attend the MI Republican Caucus Meetings.

  2. How does an elected official from a specific area of Michigan get “REMOVED” from the caucus for “oversharing”?

    On Thursday, April 16, 2015, Kevin “purges” Cindy for the Michigan House GOP Caucus due to a “series” of incidents. This can make a voter sick to one’s stomach!

    Kevin, who is the “speaker of the house”, used a course of action that appears boorish as he acted like the judge, jury and executioner. His disruptive behavior did not allow for Cindy to have due process that is a right granted to all American people… even HONEST politicians.

    Who gave KEVIN the power to remove the 80th District Voice from the caucus? What was so confidential about OUR state that KEVIN wants to “undershare” with the American Taxpayers who care about budgets, sustainability and mostly moral behavior that promote God, the Creator of the Universe?

    The other districts of Michigan will not wait too long for an honest discussion and an evidentiary “hearing of Kevin Cotter and Al Pscholka” to be conducted. The taxpayers can not afford another day without Cindy sitting in the elected seat she earned the old fashion way… BY HONEST VOTERS!