Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Will The Real Wes Nakagiri Please Stand Up?

In Novi, Wes Nakagiri stood with Brian Calley, calling for a united front moving forward after losing a spirited race to the incumbent Lt. Gov.

That race sometimes looked more like "Say Yes To The Dress" than "Say Yes To Wes" with the pink Snyder/Nakagiri flyers, and shades of "Law and Order: SVU," with the creepy Anti-Calley van awkwardly greeting delegates outside the convention hall...

At the end of the day though, Wes is a decent guy who worked hard and ran a respectable campaign for the most part, though some supporters booing Rep. Amash at the convention as he nominated Calley was a low-point. 

Nakagiri received almost 40% of the vote as a complete political newcomer challenging an incumbent LG-that's pretty damn good.

However, after backing Snyder and Calley on the convention floor, in a flip-flop that would make John Kerry proud, Nakagiri has since taken to Facebook saying things like:

"Justin Amash (R-Cascade Twp.) who, in a truly bizarre turn of events, declared that Calley would "push back" against the (bipartisan) Common Core education standards . . .

When did Brian ever push back against any Snyder policy?"


"In 2010, amid much conservative enthusiasm, Snyder beat Bernero 1.87 million to 1.29 million votes. In 2006 Granholm beat Devos 2.14 million to 1.61 million. Total voters in each election were 3.16 million and 3.75 million. If the Dems have any enthusiasm at all in 2014 the Nerd could be in trouble."

Terri Land was also targeted as Nakagiri continued to talk about Snyder:

"I received the email shown below from Terri Lynn Land. Has she always been opposed to Common Core or is this a recent revelation? Maybe she could get Governor Snyder to see the light?"

So...why did he endorse Calley in Novi?

That was Nakagiri's chance to tell them to buzz off-instead he got on board, backed Snyder and Calley, asked for unanimous consent to nominate the LG, and subsequently, Snyder and Calley attended the Nakagiri post-convention dinner/party...

Does Nakagiri support Schauer or another candidate? He seems to be hinting at it. What happened to Snyder/Nakagiri?

Photo by Kenneth Ration and Darlene Thompson


  1. It's not uncommon for a losing candidate to congratulate the winner and throw his support to that winner on the grounds that the party must present a united front. I could be wrong but I think that's all Nakagiri was doing. I was also surprised to see Mr. Amash come out in favor of Mr.Calley especially since the GOP establishment tried hard to get Amash and Bentivolio out of office. They succeeded with Bentivolio but not Amash. It will be interesting to see how much party loyalty the Snyder/Calley camp returns to Amash.

  2. Wes explained on his page that he stood up after the results because it was the polite thing to do but He has never wavered on his stance. He has made it clear from day one that he wants a candidate that will actually stand on the Republican Party platform. We should expect nothing less of our representatives.

  3. Wes Nakagiri would have represented Michiganians instead of Republican money bag elitist power brokers like the present administration is doing. The Establishment Republicans in the House, the Senate, and the Governor's office all give lip service to the "grass roots," unless, the grass roots are going against the very liberal governor and his very liberal allies in the legislature and their tax and spend agenda.

    When it counted, and the administration could have retained the support of those outside of the party whose votes are needed to win elections, Snyder and his allies snubbed them and passed the Medicaid Expansion against OVERWHELMING e-mail, telephone and snail mail opposition.

    I was at a Tea Party meeting this last week to get an idea of where they are with the recent silent state chair, governor, DeVos and executive committee approved trashing of Amash and Bentivolio in the primaries. DO NOT expect them to vote for the lesser of two evils ever again. If the candidate isn't a Tea Party conservative or libertarian they'll vote third party.

    PS: Don't think that they don't know how badly the Prop 1 vote is going to hurt their pocketbooks. The business owners get a windfall property tax break and the home owners are stiffed for the difference, all with the unabashed approval of the state party leadership.

    Most of the other "outsiders" I have talked to are willing to "suffer" under a Democrat to let Michigan's liberal faux-Republican hierarchy know that the old paradigm of offering the lesser of two evils isn't working anymore and that they want real opposition to the Democrats rather than a bunch of liberal faux-Republicans who will do the same thing but with a delivery at a later date.

    Here's part of the delivery that liberal faux-Republicans have given to or want to give to Michigan that the outsiders are not at all happy with. Not happy? They are PI__ED OFF.
    1. State spending up $7 billion over Granholm,
    2.Turned a privately financed international bridge into a government financed boondoggle,
    3. Giving Mike Ilitch $400 million to finance a privately owned stadium,
    4. Committed $360 million to the Detroit light rail boondoggle
    5. Pledged $300 million to the DIA,
    6. Enacted $195 million bail out of Detroit by state legislature,
    7. Turned a privately financed $2 billion make over of Belle Isle into a state park instead,
    8. Taxed senior's pensions rather than cut spending on obsolete programs,
    9. Assisted the Democrats in nationalizing Michigan healthcare with the ObamaCare Exchange,
    10. Burdened Michigan taxpayers with the $500 million Medicaid Expansion,
    11. Double the gas tax,
    11. Double vehicle registration fees,
    12. Increase the sales tax to 8%,
    13. Brought Common Core to Michigan schools & continue to fund it,
    14. Created the Local Community Stabilization Authority with unlimited local taxing powers by a spurious and dishonest Prop. 1 PR campaign,
    15. Loss of Right to Farm Act protection for small farms in favor of protecting big money Republican donor corporate farms.

    Bobby Schostak was looking ahead with his new social media recruiting scheme. He is looking ahead and recruiting for a new, more tolerant of liberal faux-Republicans, base. He knows that the outsiders the Republicans relied on in the past to knuckle under and vote for a RINO hoping that things would become more "conservative" under new leadership at a later date aren't tolerant of RINOs anymore and want them out.

    The Establishment Republican party is in deep doo-doo. November isn't looking like a walk in the park anymore.

  4. I am pleased that he isn't licking the boots of the corrupt disgusting MIGOP leadership. Keep up the great work, Wes. We'll get 'em next time!

  5. Here's the REAL Wes Nakagiri, in all his juvenile glory:

    Just look at the nametag.