Friday, September 26, 2014

How To Get Away With Murder (Granholm/Schauer Style)

Chances are, you have heard about Aramark, a company the State of Michigan hired last December to handle food service in Michigan prisons.

To sum things up: an Aramark employee brought pot into a prison, one had sex with an inmate, and one allegedly tried to procure a hit man while on the job.
Mark Schauer and his allies on the far-left have unfortunately decided to use this "controversy" to distract voters from real issues, like the 300,000 jobs created under Snyder's tenure.
First of all, some history.

The left's war against Aramark has been raging ever since the very idea of the state contracting with them was raised.  Unions have fought tooth-and-nail against Aramark from the beginning, they detest privatization and anything that challenges the union power structure. They have been waiting for controversy-fake or real-to hammer the company.

Schauer, speaking about Aramark, said:

"“The Aramark scandal has now crossed over into the territory of a bad prime time soap opera, except that in reality this governor continues to put the safety of state employees at risk and waste taxpayer dollars on a failed experiment in privatization. When will this governor realize that enough is enough? Inappropriate relationships with inmates weren’t enough. Heroin being smuggling into our prisons wasn’t enough. Now charges of murder for hire? It’s way past time for Rick Snyder to send Aramark packing and to end this $145 million contract.”

Mark Schauer doesn't give a DAMN about a few Aramark employees causing trouble via marijuana and sex. If the acts were committed by MDOC officers, Schauer would bend over backwards defending them. After all, the powerful corrections union is still a power-player within Schauer's party.

Why does Schauer and his allies talk so frequently and dramatically about Aramark?
1. It fires up his Union-oriented base.
2. It's a story full of cheap headlines and scandalous one-liners. Subsequently, the media loves it. They write article after article, tweet after tweet...

Hopefully Michiganders don't have short memories.
When Governor Granholm was in office-with Mark Schauer at her side in the Senate-the MDOC was horrendously mismanaged. 
Because of extreme stupidity by Granholm officials, innocent Michiganders were murdered and children were assaulted.
Marijuana infiltration and guards fraternizing with inmates in prisons is nothing new, and neither is ineptitude from government bureaucracies. Granholm's administration, however, took it to a whole new level.

Granholm's MDOC was so inept they accidentally released a murderer who then KILLED THREE MORE PEOPLE!

"Patrick Alan Selepak, 27, was released on parole in June 2005; he returned to prison five months later on a parole violation for assaulting his girlfriend. Prison officials failed to hold a hearing within 45 days, and Selepak was freed on Jan. 10, 2006 despite having pending charges. The Michigan Supreme Court had ruled in 2003 that the DOC was not required to release prisoners who werent provided hearings within 45 days, and Selepaks release violated departmental policy. A month after he was let out of prison Selepak and his fiancé, Samantha Bachynski, 19, allegedly murdered Scott Berels and his pregnant wife, Melissa, and later shot and strangled Winfield Fred Johnson. Had Selepak not been erroneously released he would have still been incarcerated at the time of the killings."
The issues led to repercussions in Granholm's MDOC, though those were little help to the families who were hurt:

"State Sen. Alan Sanborn sharply criticized the DOC, saying that while parole officials didn't pull the trigger &. they provided the access so that these animals could get the gun. He told DOC director Patricia L. Caruso that her employees were culpable and should be terminated. Following a three-month investigation Caruso obliged, firing parole supervisor Larry Baran. Baran had reportedly lied about his knowledge of the 45-day policy and had urged parole officials to conceal the Supreme Courts ruling from parole officers.

Another parole supervisor, Daryl Cantine, was forced to retire early under pressure. Cantines supervisor, Carol Duncan-Smith, the administrator of Field Programs for the parole department, was demoted due to inadequate oversight and management of her subordinates. Lastly, Selepak's first parole officer, Martin Awe, received a ten-day unpaid suspension; Awe had failed to test Selepak for alcohol use, which was a condition of Selepaks parole since he had a known alcohol problem.

Our mission is to protect the public and I know that you feel we have failed in that, DOC Director Caruso told lawmakers. And I would be hard-pressed to argue with you. To prevent another failure by the parole supervision unit that had been responsible for monitoring Selepak, Caruso abolished the unit in May 2006. There was an apparent lack of leadership, rampant misuse of discretion and very little supervision by the individuals responsible for overseeing that office, she said."
What did Mark Schauer do about it from his post as leader of the Michigan Senate's Democrats? Not a damn thing. He doesn't even seem to be on record talking about the issue.
It wasn't just Sepelak:

"Selepak's serial murder spree generated widespread media attention that resulted in a larger investigation into the DOCs practices related to parole revocation hearings. It was discovered that within the previous year, 40 other prisoners were improperly released after they didnt receive timely revocation hearings...

Besides Selepak, several others had committed crimes following their improvident releases, ranging from robbery to sexual abuse of a child; one remained at large for almost a year."

It's almost funny to see people like State Rep. Brandon Dillon take to Twitter touting BS petitions that "demand" the State cancels the Aramark contract.
It's just like the Sheriff in Casablanca who is "shocked" to discover gambling at his favorite establishment-it's all an act.

Schauer and his surrogates like Dillon know Michigan has had issues long before Aramark-far more severe, too. PEOPLE DIED.
They only seem to care when it works to their political advantage.

Chances are you have probably seen a preview for the new show "How To Get Away With Murder."
How does one get away with murder? It's not easy...but with folks like Granholm and Schuaer, maybe you'll get lucky. Patrick Selepak did.

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