Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Meekhof?

Multiple sources confirm to West Michigan Politics that State Senator Arlan Meekhof is actively campaigning behind the scenes to become the new Senate Majority Leader when the legislature takes office next year.

Meekhof, the State Senator for Ottawa County, would replace the outgoing Randy Richardville in the Michigan Senate's top leadership post.

When Meekhof was asked about this issue by WMP at a Chamber Breakfast in June, he said  "stay tuned."

Meekhof, currently the Majority Floord Leader, has been positioning himself for the Majority Leader spot for years.

 Meekhof has recently come under fire for his involvement in the controversial Ottawa County GOP Convention that led to the firing of Faith Steketee, as well as for hypocritically attacking 90th District State House candidate Geoff Haveman for a campaign finance report that was slightly late.

Gongwer picked up on WMP's report that revealed Meekhof and Garcia had also filed late paperwork. 

Gongwer discovered Meekhof had been fined over $5,000 because his report was many days late.

(Meekhof also called Haveman, a U of M law grad, "fringe" and "unqualified.")


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