Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Huizenga: Truth About Ottawa GOP Situation "May Not Reflect Well On Me Personally"

Congressman Bill Huizenga had some interesting things to say at August 28th's Ottawa County GOP Executive Committee meeting, leaving attendees with more questions than answers.

"I wanna get to the bottom of the truth, whether it's Benghazi or this," Huizenga said.

"It might not reflect well on me personally, it might not reflect well on my friend who has become the crux of this...and I wish we weren't having this conversation quite as publicly, especially with the media here...we are getting dangerously close to taking our eye off the ball."

What does that mean, it "may not reflect well on me personally." Why did he say that? Is this because staff members were involved in the shenanigans at the Ottawa County Convention that were subsequently blamed on Faith? 

One would think Bill personally wasn't using insider info to compile shady orange flyers and purge duly elected delegates and alternates... 

And is this situation on par with Benghazi? Interesting analogy...Why does Huizenga support investigating Benghazi but not what happened at the Ottawa GOP convention? Why did he have all his supporters on the Executive Committee vote against an investigation?

And was his half brother an appropriate choice to replace former Executive Director Faith Steketee? It's a controversial decision to say the least. 

Can the Ottawa GOP move forward to November while developing some semblance of unity? Yes, but that doesn't change the fact that the "Faith Situation" is far from over.

Many who spoke up at the meeting are right-the violations at hand are exactly the type of things Republicans accuse Barack Obama of doing.

And the decision to fire Executive Director Faith Steketee wasn't delayed, so why should an investigation be? So after November 4 it can be swept under the rug with a new justification? No thanks. We can help candidates like Snyder and Land while an investigation occurs. 

An investigation will actually excite many people who want answers, why don't people like Huizenga and Meekhof want any?

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