Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Source: MIGOP PLans Major Operation Against Maddock And "Battle Cry" Supporters

Maddock, with wife Meshawn

By Brandon Hall
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A top source tells WMP that the Michigan Republican Party is gearing up for a major operation against Matt Maddock and supporters of his "Battle Cry" event.

The source says the MIGOP will use resources to beat grassroots conservatives, "Battle Cry" types, in precinct delegate races as aggressively-or possibly even more so-than what they utilized to help bring Lt. Gov. Brian Calley over the top against Wes Nakagiri at the Republican convention in 2014.

Nakagiri racked up nearly 40%, an impressive number for a political rookie, but Calley won decisively... Evidently, Maddock has establishment types worried about the long-term foundation he is helping lead, and they don't like it a single bit.

Maddock himself lost a much closer race in 2014 when he challenged State Sen. Mike Kowall in a primary. Maddock lost by just over 1,500 votes, around 11,300 to 9,700...

When asked for comment, Maddock gave the following statement:

"If they spent $557k to defeat conservatives last time around, what will they spend this time? Do you think that any of the big money donors have a problem with the fact that their hard earned MIGOP donations are being used to purge true conservatives from their own party instead of fighting socialists? BRING IT ON!

They should be worried...worried about alienating the 400k Republican voters in Michigan. They should grow up and save OUR 400k to defeat the democrats instead of trying to protect their little liberal establishment fortress. They are weak and we are stronger. We have the constitutional values on our side. We've only just begun. Many people within the party are reaching out to me to encouraging me and the team that organized Battle Cry. I would advise the establishment to stop shooting inside the tent and work WITH US to help restore and protect our great American Heritage.

That is what the Battle Cry team is doing. If they want to continue to work against what is just and noble, let them. We are fighting for things way bigger than all us."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. If the elected "Republicans" don't want to represent conservatives, why should they expect our support?

    1. My local county office just wants me to make phone calls, but after that to leave and be quiet.

  2. It wouldn't surprise me. The establishment gang will do anything to shirk accountability and keep their illicit power.

  3. So let me get this straight. Nearly every day, MIGOP solicits members to donate, Then they use that money (and big donor money, too) to chase conservatives out of the party. Huh? Why would anyone support the MIGOP? Is their goal a "party of one"?

    1. Their behavior is shocking and utterly shameful. We, the grassroots, can have more power than we know - if, and only if, we stand tall and wield it. It's a good and righteous pursuit.

  4. From Maddox's perspective, anyone that is not with him is either a liberal, a RINO or and "establishment" Republic. I am none of those and don't support Maddox, frankly, because he's a kook. It's probably the reason that the MIGOP would target him (if this story is even true!

    1. Typical anonymous nonsense. If you haven't the courage to sign what you say it should never be taken seriously.

    2. Anonymous = Establishment RINO MIGOP troll.

    3. Was it Matt Maddock who hiked your taxes, poisoned the water, and implemented Obamacare and Common Core in Michigan? No, that would be your establishment GOP masters who did all that.

      You should hate Battle Cry because it is exposing and ridding the GOP of vermin like you, once and for all.

  5. What the Anti-Conservative Pro Left movement in the MIGOP doesn't realize is that Matt Maddock is NOT Battle Cry. Battle Cry is made up of hundreds if not thousands of like minded people appreciating an ideal. We can laugh all day at the Amways, The Burger King and their ilk draining their fortunes and it won't make a difference because Battle Cry will STILL BE THERE.