Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frank Foster Faces Chatfield At Hearing (But This Time As A Bought+Paid For Anti-Gun Hack)

By Brandon Hall
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Jason Gilman at Right Michigan made a great observation recently in piece he headlines "A Close Call."

Jason writes:

"In 2014, voters of the northern Michigan 107th house district did the rest of Michigan ‘a solid.’.
It was becoming clear that the incumbent Republican for that district was in no way representative of the conservative values he had pretended in his initial bid. From accepting tens of thousands for his upcoming campaign loss from pro-homosexual lobbying interests, added to an otherwise liberal voting record, Frank Foster had completely alienated the very (tea party) base he had enchanted in 2010.

Foster lost to Lee Chatfield in the primary of 2014, marking a rare incumbency defeat in the Michigan house races. Voters turned him out in a 6 point rout:
“In Northern Michigan, a good thing happened Tuesday.  Frank Foster, a man who by virtue of his lunch dates in Lansing alone, should not be representing the 107th district was voted off the animal farm.  Voted most desirable date to go to the Capitol prom by lobbyists, he was a top recipient of food and drink topping Randy Richardville the Senate majority leader in 2013.”
His departure has hardly left him out in the cold however. He is apparently remaining in the political scene as a gun grabber.

An examination of the minutes from a recent hearing on preemption bill (HB 4795)  before the committee on local government reveal Foster is still active, and has apparently gone completely to the dark side.  His time there was to represent opposition to legislation which provides further 2A protections for gun owners from abusive local government.

In this hearing, he was representing, a group in opposition to gun ownership.,like all other confiscation organizations presents its message in  absurd extremes in a theatrical manner to scare folks into action to ban firearms ownership.  And like so many others, this anti 2nd amendment organization is getting little traction with traditional American families.

So it must use fake conservatives and former Republican legislators to help spread its anti 2A message apparently?

In 2014, there was enough of an indicator in Foster’s district that he was not exactly what he claimed to be, that he was tossed by a political newcomer.  It was not entirely unexpected.  Nor was it impossible to predict given the reduction in the usual suspect support for a go-along-get-along type
that Foster was.

In the end however, it was critical that he was replaced however, as we fight on to restoration and clarity of our constitutional protections."

Foster only appeared, he did not testify...And guess who just happens to be the Chair of the Local Government Committee? It couldn't be more fitting: Lee Chatfield...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Foster didn't lose because of his liberalism. He lost because he stopped campaigning in the district, deciding to instead chase women in Lansing.

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