Friday, October 30, 2015

What Will Ronna Do?! MIGOP Lawyer Initiates Attack Mailer In 80th District House Race

MIGOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel
By Brandon Hall
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A front group seemingly formed for the sole purpose of attacking 80th District State House candidate Jim Storey has surfaced, and the man behind it may surprise you.

The flyer claims that Jim Storey is a liberal and a friend of President Obama...

Storey, along with Mary Whiteford and former State Rep. Cindy Gamrat, are the leading contenders in the Allegan County based House district. Former County Commissioner Bill Sage is also running, among others.

Mary Whiteford
According to Chad Livengood at The Detroit News, the group was founded at the request of the Michigan Republican Party's lawyer Eric Doster.

"McLellan initially said he had nothing to do with the organization when contacted Thursday by The Detroit News.

After a reporter explained the organization was incorporated under his signature, McLellan replied: “You’re right. I am involved in that.”

“I was an incorporator,” McLellan said. “I don’t know exactly what they’re doing. Eric Doster asked me to do it.”

Doster, who also is general counsel for the Michigan Republican Party, did not return a message Thursday seeking comment."

Jim Storey

>>>Hard-hitting flyers are part of politics, however, Doster's overt  role in the primary while serving as General Counsel to the MIGOP is as disturbing as it is unacceptable. Will there be any ramifications from Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel?

Their darn well should be. When party big wigs at the MIGOP in Lansing interfere with local elections via sketchy flyers and other means, any bit of unity in the party that remains is diminished as the frustration with the grassroots element only grows. This has been business as usual with party leadership for a long, LONG time.

Ronna promised to be a grassroots Chair-will she deliver? This situation will be immensely telling...

Cindy Gamrat
The flyers are below, via Chad Livengood:

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Last election MIGOP interfered with the election and selection process of Republican precinct delegates.

    1. Yes they did. Some "third" party group, a law firm out of Lansing or Grand Rapids that has HUGE money ties to MI GOP sent out mailers to all kinds of precincts to try and unseat delegates that they felt didnt toe the party line quite tight enough. It ruined moral within the ranks of grassroots party activists that were targeted. One I know got reseated but her regular fundraising activities and extra curricular participation within the party has faded. She now only shows up for convention to vote and upset the establishment. She no longer participates raising funds and supporting candidates. The MI GOP undermined itself by challenging its own activists at the ballot box. Dumb asses run this party.

  2. The recent Flyers sent out by the MIGOP Attorneys PAC (ie Ronna Romney) The multitude of Flyers sent out by GLEP and other Big money PACS (think Betsy Devos and Greg Mcneilly, ie the Homosexual Anti Faith agenda)
    The Dismissing of MORAL Conservatism for a voting record, tainted by moral turpitude.
    Everyone is forgetting there is another choice in the 80th.
    Proven record of helping Draft and pass Moral and Constitutional Legislation.
    Proven record of Working with Representatives to get Constitutionally based Education legislation passed.
    Has publicly announced he will push for a PART TIME LEGISLATURE
    A fiscal, moral and constitutional conservative beholding to no lobbyist. A vote for any other puts Whiteford in office. Turn the page and vote for Sage.

    1. I hear David Wells is involved with Bill Sage. That's a big red flag to look deeper.

  3. The MI GOP is corrupt. The follow their own rules, or not, as the situation best serves their interests. The establishment RINOs must be driven out of the party, they are hurting the party. Anonymous is correct, the MI GOP targeted me in my contested precinct but I still won.

    How about Principles?
    How about ideas?
    How about Liberty?

  4. Doster is bad news for the MIGOP. He enables the criminal takeover of the RINOs. They act like the grassroots will throw them all out of power. They are desperate to find bodies that will toe the line. Their dirty money cannot buy feet on the ground. Grassroots liberty minded and faith based folks have flooded in as delegates since the first Tea Party protests. Precinct Delegates are the power, money notwithstanding. Fuck all RINO trash, go where you belong, the democrat party!

  5. Yes, the tea parties still have a lot of work to do yet.

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  8. The MIGOP "argument" to keep Doster is that he is a volunteer AND he has a "unique skill" (N.B. the ability to read is that not unique). He should be ask to stop being a volunteer. Any semi competent lawyer would love to become top lawyer for the MIGOP. Ask him to leave and to go being a private thug lawyer without having the MIGOP umbrella.