Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lessenberry Disappoints With Attack On Schuette

Attorney General Bill Schuette with wife Cynthia, son Billy, and daughter Heidi

By Brandon Hall
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I am a fan of famed Michigan based journalist Jack Lessenberry. I don't agree with all of the liberal writer's views, but he often does a great job of spotlighting important issues.
For instance, he was one of the only members of the Michigan press corps to hold Arlan Meekhof accountable earlier this year for his outrageous Senate rules change hindering media and public access to Senate documents.

What should have been a major story wasn't even covered by most outlets-Jack covered it.

This week, Lessenberry had a blistering attack of Attorney General Schuette. Two parts of it, one political and one personal, struck me as just complete BS.

He wrote:

"He stabbed Gov. Rick Snyder — his fellow Republican — in the back last winter by denouncing Proposal 1, the governor's attempt to get voters to raise the sales tax to fix the roads, something that even the conservative Detroit News saw as disgraceful pandering to win Tea Party support.

Schuette, who has an estimated net worth of about $13 million, has never been poor. He grew up in Midland, where his mother helped the family bottom line by managing to marry, in turn, not one, but two top Dow Chemical executives."

First of all, Schuette didn't "stab Snyder in the back" by opposing the worst proposal in modern Michigan history. The historic 60% margin of defeat for Prop 1 is indicative of how horrible it was.

If anything, supporting it would have had Schuette bending over for Snyder, who was stuck with the proposal after Arlan Meekhof and the legislature failed to pass its own roads plan. 

And who gives a damn if the Detroit News supported it? They were dead wrong to back the biggest tax increase in over 50 years, their blessing doesn't somehow make Schuette more radical for opposing Meekhof and company's horrendous money grab.designed to benefit special interests.

And as far as Lessenberry's other point, about Schuette's Mother re-marrying after the death of his Father? Who cares? That's just a low blow irrelevant to anything at hand.

Looks like Schuette is getting a taste of what the road to 2018 will look like for a front runner.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Yep, 80-20, a 60% margin. Great victory for the grassroots!

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't our intrepid AG Bill Schuette, who was sitting no more than 30 feet away when it happened with SoS Ruth Johnson, when Gov. Snyder committed a blatant campaign finance law violation by telling us repeatedly to "Vote yes" (multiple times, in fact) during the last State of the State speech?

    If we were to believe that this political theater is a real as the latest WWE match, then why didn't Schuette "stab him in the back" again by filing charges against Snyder?

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