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Source: Meekhof's Own Chief Of Staff Scheduled Prop 1 Townhall He Bailed On Then Had Amanda Price Cover Up

Sen. Meekhof, outside the Capitol, walks away as WMP asks tough questions after he bailed on his Prop 1 townhall

By Brandon Hall
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A source extremely close to the scheduling habits of Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof tells WMP "there is absolutely no doubt (Meekhof's Chief of Staff) Bob DeVries, scheduled the townhall at Spring Lake Library (with State Rep. Amanda Price.) Bob schedules every single one of Arlan's major events and this would be no different-his first townhall in two years would have been managed by Bob."

They continued: "Everytime Sen. Meekhof schedules an appearance like that, it is personally handled by Chief of Staff Bob DeVries-it's been that way since he was a State Representative."

The townhall had been scheduled to answer questions about Prop 1, Meekhof's first townhall style event in years.

As a result of this new information, WMP is calling on Arlan Meekhof and Amanda Price to release the documents that show who scheduled this event. I am confident they will show Arlan Meekhof's own office scheduled the townhall. If not, why not release them?

>>>After a WMP articlte about the event, Meekhof canceled, then had State Rep. Amanda Price cover it up and say she had never confirmed the event with Meekhof. Anyone who knows Price knows that is simply not true.

When the WMP article was picked up by the Detroit News, Meekhof's office of course denied the allegation.

Here is an excerpt:

""An Internet blogger from Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof’s home turf in west Michigan this week accused the West Olive Republican of ducking a town hall where he was supposed to field constituent questions about Proposal 1.

Meekhof, who backs the proposition connected with $1.2 billion more annually for road repairs, was going to face a hostile audience before “bailing on the event,” wrote West Michigan Politics managing editor Brandon Hall of Grand Haven.

The frequent Meekhof critic didn’t accept an explanation from state Rep. Amanda Price, R-Holland, that Meekhof hadn’t confirmed he would attend the April 27 event in Spring Lake.
But Amber McCann, press secretary to Meekhof, said Price is correct — the representative sent out notices before Meekhof’s office had a chance to check his schedule and confirm. He was being asked to co-sponsor it.

“He has talked about Proposal 1, in support of it, at nearly every public appearance since the beginning of the year,” McCann added. “He certainly is not shy about his support for the ballot measure.”

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics

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