Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mitchell Holds Anti Prop 1 Event In Lansing While Meekhof Ducks Questions On Townhall Flip-Flop

Paul Mitchell, left, Meekhof, right

 By Brandon Hall

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As Paul Mitchell spoke before a group of conservative grassroots leaders gathered at a Lansing restaurant in advance of his Anti Prop 1 event in front of the Capitol, little did he know his biggest detractor these days was only steps away: Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof had also picked Troppo to dine on "Tax Day."

Meekhof and Mitchell are far from friendly. At the MIGOP convention in February, Meekhof rudely interrupted Mitchell, calling him a liar as he talked about Prop 1. Mitchell challenged Meekhof to a debate, which he refused.

State Sen. Meekhof dines at Troppo in Lansing (EPIC Creeper pic-LOVE the woman looking at me like, "wtf?" while I take the picture!)

The Senate Majority Leader recently bailed on a townhall after a WMP article about it, then made State Rep. Amanda Price cover it up, saying she "hadn't confirmed" the townhall with Meekhof. Anyone who knows Amanda Price knows she would NEVER annouce a townhall with Arlan before talking with him. Period.

I saw Meekhof as he exited. I tried to ask Meekhof, who is my State Senator, why he turned his back on constituents and hadn't held a townhall or coffee hours in 18 months. After initially saying hi, he refused to say another word.

Me: "Hey Arlan, how ya doing!" *hand shake*
Arlan: "Hey Brandon, how are you!"
Me as Arlan walks away towards the Capitol: "Good, thanks. Would have loved to see you do that townhall. It's been a year and a half since you've held one, or coffee hours. Will it be rescheduled? Senator? Sir? Mr. Meekhof? Sir? Mr. Majority Leader? Constituents would love to see you!"

Sen. Meekhof Ducks Questions About Bailing On His Prop 1 Townhall

At the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals event, Mitchell spoke of the need for those against Prop 1 to stay focused the final few weeks.

"This is the intersection of bad politics and bad policy," Mitchell said. "This is a $2 billion tax increase that will cost our families hundreds of dollars they can't afford.We need to send this back to Lansing and tell them they need to get to work on May 6th."

Quoting a picture his wife made for him while adopting his young son, Mitchell blasted the proposal, saying that Lansing needs to remember "it's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

State Rep. Cindy Gamrat and State Sen. Patrick Colbeck also spoke, as well as the group's grassroots director, Scott Hagerstrom, formerly of AFP-Michigan.

Polls show the proposal faces heave opposition, with approx 60% of Michiganders opposing the plan.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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