Monday, October 13, 2014

Meekhof to Constituents and League of Women Voters: Go to Hell

By Brandon Hall
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Arlan Meekhof has not held an open public meeting in over a year, and now when it is time to debate his opponent, Democrat Sarah Howard, Meekhof refuses. The first debate is supposed to be tonight in front of the local League of Women Voters, but Meekhof is running scared of Howard, a prominent West Michigan attorney.

"As a League member, I am totally disgusted by candidates who choose not to appear and answer questions from the public," said Katherine D. Primeau, a member of the Holland Leaugue of Women Voters. "As voters we have every right to ask questions of those who seek to represent us and our elected officials have DUTY to be there and answer them. This says a lot about Arlan Meekhof and none of it is good! I'm sure Sarah Howard will do a great job tonight. I hope voters will remember who decided to show up and be a true Representative of the people!"

A second debate is scheduled for October 29th in Spring Lake. Will Arlan show up? History indicates he will not... Where will Arlan be? Perhaps in Lansing, campaigning to be the next Senate Majority Leader?

Meekhof's office was recently exposed for lying to constituents about the Senator's availability and the cost of securing a venue. 


Meekhof's staff cited the cost of venues as a reason for not being available, yet he gets access to local libraries for free. His office also cited lack of attendance, despite the fact his last two public events were well attended-and one was during a blizzard!

This exchange really speaks for itself:

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