Thursday, October 9, 2014

Contrary to MLive Article, Schauer's Numbers With Women Are Actually Horrible

Despite four years of relentless "war on women" rhetoric, Governor Snyder is almost tied with Mark Schauer with female voters, polling within just a couple points when including the margin of error. 

Snyder also performs 10% better with women than Terri Land, and she's a woman.

The article says that:

"Polls on the Michigan gubernatorial race show a tight race between Gov. Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer, but the majority also show Schauer winning in one area: with women.

Real Clear Politics, which aggregates and averages polls, shows Gov. Rick Snyder leading Schauer 44.5 to 41.7 percent. Of the eight polls conducted in September and recognized by Real Clear Politics, seven made information on gender available.

MLive looked at the breakdown of those polls, most of which had Snyder winning, but four showed him losing with likely female voters. In each of the eight polls, men supported Snyder at higher rates than women."

So only four of the seven polls show a lead for Schauer with women? Interesting. Also:

"Vanguard and Denno Research conducted a poll that put Snyder ahead in the gubernatorial race 43 to 40 and showed likely female voters picking Schauer over Snyder 43 to 36 percent. It was conducted Sept. 11 through 13 had a 4 percent margin of error."

So after four years of propaganda at every turn specifically aimed at women, Snyder is only down 7% with them? 21% are undecided? Schauer can't even break 45%?  Wow. This is horrible- hardly anything to celebrate for Team Schauer. Perhaps a Schauer press release was the foundation for the article?

Schauer and co. want women to feel perpetually victimized-the "war on women" is a cynical attempt to procure votes-it is not about actually helping women, nor anyone else.

 Rick Snyder's mantra of "Relentless Positive Action" is one women (and all Michiganders) can embrace-it's substantive and straight forward: stay optimistic, and never stop working hard to make Michigan a better place to live.

Maybe that's why Schauer is doing so poorly: Michigan's female voters aren't victims in a fictional war concocted at the DNC, they're tough, hard working people trying to do their best. They want a Governor who embodies those qualities, not one who continually condescends them.

Schauer should be well over 50% with women, instead he is barely above 40%. This is very telling.

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