Thursday, October 9, 2014

Center for Michigan CEO Has A "Hillary Clinton" Moment On Snyder Education Funding

 At MLive's "Ballot Bash" Monday in Grand Rapids, Governor Snyder continued to call out Mark Schuaer for his lies on education funding during Snyder's administration.

At the media panel after all the candidates had finished, Center for Michigan CEO John Bebow, speaking about the issue, exclaimed multiple times, "who cares?" Bebow wants to hear about future education plans.

Ironically enough, Mr. Bebow helps administer the "Michigan Truth Squad," which seems to take its job very seriously judging by their website.

Did Governor Snyder really cut a billion dollars from the education budget? Who cares? Who gives a damn?! Or as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously said, "what difference does it make?"

It's critical.

Schauer's narrative-promulgated from the beginning-is that Snyder is a rich, out of touch, ass who cares more about CEO's than regular Michiganders.

The education funding issue is the foundation of  Team Schauer's Orwellian House of Cards masquerading as a campaign:  a fake Aramark scandal, education "cuts" and a non-existent "Senior Pension Tax." If the education cut lie collapses, Schauer could face a double digit defeat.

Unfortuantely, polling indicates a majority of Michiganders currently believe the education funding lie.

Yet still, Bebow thinks the issue had been examined, the link showing the facts is on the internet, and we should move on.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Shouldn't Michiganders know they have a Governor who cares?

And hell, why even have a "Truth Squad?" If Michiganders are just going to remain clueless to the facts on a vital issue with or without it, who cares? "What difference does it make?!" ;) :)

(Of note: I met Mr. Bebow in 2010 and am a HUGE fan of his, the Center for Michigan, Bridge, and Phil Power!)

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