Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yob: Michigan Republican Party Lying To Grassroots About 2016 Primary

John Yob, one of the top Republican strategists in Michigan and throughout the country, had strong words for the Michigan Republican Party recently, taking to Facebook to blast them for lying to grassroots activists about the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.


"It seems the Party is pushing forward with an Open Primary that they call a Closed Primary, Winner Take All, on March 15th. By definition, a Closed Primary is a Primary in which Democrats can't vote. That is hard to do in MI, and so the Party claims requesting a Republican ballot means only Republicans can vote. Obviously any Democrat can walk in and request a Republican ballot on Election Day. 

I would urge folks to be honest and call it what it is - an Open Primary. I don't personally have a position on Open vs Closed, but I think being honest with the grassroots base of the party is important."

Yob also wrote a few days later:

"It looks like the party is going to continue the dishonesty of referring to the Michigan Presidential Primary as a Closed Primary. The dishonesty is disappointing but shouldn't be surprising to anyone who remembers what occurred in 2012."

MI GOP Chair Bobby Schostak


  1. If I catch you lying to me, I can't trust you. And if I can't trust you, I've got no use for you. And if you want or need my help, and have already burned the bridge between us, you are not going to enjoy easy sailing.