Thursday, September 11, 2014

Team Huizenga Uses Fake Name To Attack West Michigan Politics, Seeks Thousands In Fines

Using a profile known to be fake account for Daniela Garcia in a recent State House race, Bill Huizenga's staff have started to attack West Michigan Politics in a sad and desperate  attempt to subvert our reporting on his involvement in the Ottawa County Convention chaos.

That chaos led to the termination of long time Executive Director Faith Steketee, and Huizenga's half-brother was installed as her replacement.

In an email sent to WMP by multiple individuals, "Jeff Olsen," likely one of Huizenga's staff members, encouraged people to report WMP to the FTC for a $16,000 fine. "Olsen" wrote:

"Did you recently receive an e-mail from West Michigan Politics?  It is likely that the writer of this blog, Brandon Hall, sent you an illegal spam e-mail.

Just because you signed up to be a precinct delegate does not mean that people like Brandon Hall now have the right to send you illegal commercial spam to promote their divisive, self-serving blog posts.

Please report Mr. Hall’s spam to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding the spam e-mails to where there are fines up to $16,000 per e-mail sent, report West Michigan Politics to your e-mail provider and send the abuse to MailChimp at as he is in clear violation of their terms of use.

For reference: Mr. Hall broke the law in the way he obtained your e-mail address and for not providing a valid physical postal address as seen below.

West MI Politics
Grand Haven, MI 49417

In Liberty and Privacy,


That account on Facebook was used solely to attack Jim Holtrop and Geoff Haveman in the 90th State House primary. It also used insider info to attack Amanda VanEssen in the fall of 2013 when she was allegedly thinking of getting into the 90th State House race. 

WMP is confident No "Jeff Olsen" exists outside of Greg VanWoerkem or Matt Kooiman or Jon DeWitte's computer.

Team Huizenga is scared. And of course, they should be. They sit next to one of the most accessible, transparent Congressman in the history of America, Justin Amash. Huizenga isn't even in the same league.

Imagine if a good candidate challenged the Huizenga empire in the 2016 primary? And what happened at the Ottawa GOP Convention that has them so nervous?

It's funny they care so much about this, a simple unintentional error.

I am sure they "really want to get to the bottom of this," just like with Benghazi, and Faith's termination, and what happened at the Ottawa County Convention! ;) :)

And what about that FAKE ILLEGAL robocall they did the Sunday before the primary in the 90th!?! They aren't too concerned about that... Meekhof said he asked local law enforcement to investigate-WMP has not found ANY reports to substantiate his claim...

As for "spam" emails? 14 unsubscribes out of 1900 emails. Over 65% of people open our emails and over 50% click. Hardly "spam."

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