Sunday, January 24, 2016

Watch The Courser/Gamrat 20/20 Episode Online Here: What Did You Think?

By Brandon Hall
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People had a lot of things to say about the Courser/Gamrat 20/20 episode, neither the most strident defenders nor the most ferocious haters seemed to be satisfied-that's a good sign.

I found it funny a few were expecting some bombshell new information or something, don't quite get that one... I thought they did a great job with an immensely difficult issue.

I do wish they talked about some other facets of the story, but isn't that always the case?  I can't complain, they featured me multiple times and were diplomatic in calling WMP "controversial." :)

Also, they do follow-ups all the time-I wouldn't be surprised if we see another 15 minute update about all this at some point that includes more on the lawsuit against the House and some other things. We'll see...

And I will note that pretty much only WMP and MIRS reported the false implications against Chad Livengood and both were absolutely BLASTED for it. That facet of the story surprised those not militantly watching *every* development of the case, but they were put in context and part of the scandal-they were fair game.

It's not exactly "20/20," but a comprehensive WMP piece on this scandal is in the works and should be quite interesting. It may be the first WMP podcast, something that is long overdue!

What did you think of the episode if you watched it?

>>>Watch the Courser/Gamrat 20/20 HERE


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. After watching 20/20, I am more appalled at Joe Gamrat's actions than the other two.........The affair should have been something private between Cindy's family and Todd's family. If Joe Gamrat knew about the affair, he should have just confronted his wife. Following her around taking pictures, and stalking her for a long time before sending a "blackmailing" letter is not only criminal but very disturbing to me......

  2. Proverbs 6:34 KJV-For jealousy is the rage of a man therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance- Bible

  3. Concerning subject matter they (abc) got about 1/2 of it. They did not seem to cover any of the hatefull/political aspects and justification for them, more interviews with the "players" needed. The look on one rep. as he turned around to look at Todd shows something and I don't think it is representative of forgiveness. I guess only GOP Gov. can ask for that!!!

  4. The 20/20 episode continued the narrative as reported in the national and local media, that the cover up was worse than the action. Understanding that it's only 40 minutes of actual broadcast, it lacked the back story of Todd's prior political ambitions that included the almost defeat of the Rep State Chair and him being a thorn in the sides of Lt gov and speaker and that they were out for these two reps from the first day they got in office. The 20% chance that he would use his gun was laughable and downright irresponsible statement by Allard.

    1. Sincerely, Todd Courser

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