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Snyder Emails Show Idea For Special Flint Election Law Came From Lt. Governor Calley

Calley, left, Snyder, right (MLive)

By Brandon Hall
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Before Flint's water crisis made international news, the City faced an election crisis: someone in the Clerk's office told candidates the wrong deadline for filing and only one candidate made the cut: controversial Flint City Councilman Eric Mays.

"This is a big enough problem that we might want to consider changing state law- at least to allow for a primary election for write-ins. Too much progress has been made in Flint to let it go to this guy," Lt. Gov. Calley wrote minutes after hearing of the issue.

Gov. Snyder agreed with Calley, responding "May want to consider giving this issue to (Senate Minority Leader)Ananich." He is from the Flint area.

Calley and Snyder were responding to an email from Elizabeth Clement informing the Governor and others of the election deadline issue in Flint:

Clement wrote: "Governor, Mike Senyko from Ruth Johnson's office just called me to let me know of a filing deadline issue in the city of Flint. The city clerk erroneously informed candidates that the filing deadline for the mayoral election was April 28th when it was actually the 21st. Mayor Dayne Walling filed on the 28th and will therefore not be on the ballot. Eric Mays, the Flint city councilman who was jailed last year and has been very problematic to both our EM and secure cities efforts, is the only candidate who filed by the April 21st deadline. Mike Senyko indicated that since there is only one candidate on the ballot, there will not be a primary election that Mayor Walling can do a write in campaign for so his only option is a write in campaign for the general. Mike was not sure if Mayor Walling had been informed yet but he expects the news to break this evening. There is no provision in state law that allows for a situation like this to be rectified. Please let me know if you have any questions."

Here is the email:

No other place in Michigan had an issue, but the legislature did indeed change state law, just for Flint...

According to MLive:

"Candidates for mayor of Flint can start focusing on the campaign and forget about whether they'll be on the primary election ballot. Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation today, June 5, to authorize extension of the filing deadline for the August primary election, a move that will allow for a standard showdown for the city's top job.

Incumbent Dayne Walling, businesswoman Karen Weaver, and two city councilmen -- Wantwaz Davis and Eric Mays -- are in line for spots on the ballot, city officials have said...

For weeks, candidates for mayor and two City Council seats have been in an uncertain position, waiting for the state Legislature to agree on a bill aimed at fixing an election dilemma in Flint.

No mayoral candidates filed the required number of nominating petition signatures by the April 21 deadline after Clerk Inez Brown's office told them the wrong deadline for filing -- April 28."

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Eric Mays

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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