Monday, January 19, 2015

MIGOP Chair Race Update

By Brandon Hall

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The Michigan Republican Party's State Convention is just a few weeks away- here is a snapshot of what the heck is going on.
Ronna Romney McDaniel

In the race for party Chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel continues to rack up endorsements from party elite.

She recently announced the support of over 40 county chairs, as well as Jeff Sakwa, Pete Lund, John Moolenaar, and many others.

Romney's chief opponent is Dr. Kim Shmina, a nurse and Wayne St. University instructor. 

>>>KimPOSSIBLE? Romney-McDaniel Gets Her First Challenger As Kim Shmina Declares Bid For MIGOP Chair

Shmina is campaigning hard at events across the state, even gaining favorable coverage from MIRS for attending the 4th District Round Up and Pow Wow while Romney was sick.

Romney managed to recover and attend events in Washington for the RNC, where she has posted pictures with people like Ben Carson and Rick Perry, saying she wants to bring them to Michigan.

In a rare glimpse of policy from Romney, she implied she was against "Common Core" in a picture with Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin.

Shmina, center, with AG Schuette, left, and husband Michael, right

Shmina faces an uphill battle, but she is working hard and has a good message. With Lund and Sakwa out, all eyes are on whether or not Norm Hughes gets in the race.

If Romney continues refusing to answer questions about where she stands on the May 5th vote, the Agema situation, how she will engage grassroots activists, and a host of others, she may find herself under increasing pressure from the media and delegates.

Also-who Romney would pick as a Vice Chair has been a hot topic. One name that just won't go away is Jeff Sakwa. Stay tuned to see where this goes...Shmina supporters at the Pow Wow wanted her to pick people like former State Rep. Tom McMillin, who has not yet endorsed anyone, and if he stays out of the race himself, Norm Hughes.

Party rules demand that the Vice-Chair be the opposite gender of the Chair candidate.

Another possible Romney Vice Chair is Pete Lund. Lund issued the following statement Sunday:

"As many of you know, I have been weighing a run for MIGOP Chair. I have spoken with grassroots activists from around the state, and have received a very positive response. To all the people that have called and sent me e-mails urging me to run, you have my heartfelt thanks. Having served on the Macomb County Executive Committee for 22 years and having held public office for 17 years, I am an unwavering supporter of the GOP. I want to continue to help grow the party, win elections and push the conservative beliefs that have driven me for all these years. 

At this time, however, I have decided not to seek the office of GOP Chair. Michigan has Republican governor, and Republicans have been steadily increasing their majorities in both the state house and senate.

With the upcoming elections in 2016 and 2018, it is important that Michigan Republicans be united, not divided. Therefore, it is best for the party to get behind one candidate for Chair, and I believe that candidate is Ronna Romney McDaniel. I look forward to the convention in February and casting my vote for Ronna. As a party we need to unite and work together with Ronna so that we can elect Republican candidates that will move our state and our country in the right direction."


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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