Saturday, January 3, 2015

BREAKING: Snyder Signs CPL Bill Strongly Supported By "Pro Gun" Groups And Firearm Owners

Gov. Snyder, Photo by an unattributed AP Reporter

By Brandon Hall  
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Governor Rick Snyder wasted no time getting back to work after his inauguration and subsequent inaugural ball, returning to Lansing early Friday. 

A bill streamlining the process to obtain a concealed-carry gun license, or "CPL," as well as changing the system to become more friendly to gun owners, was signed into law by the Governor Friday.

According to the Facebook page of the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners, one of the groups that advocated for the package:

"Senate Bill 789, introduced by state Senator Mike Green (R-31), is important legislation that seeks to create a more efficient, consistent and expedient concealed pistol licensing system for the citizens in Michigan. 

SB 789 also creates a true “shall issue” licensing system for all statutorily eligible Michiganders.

SB 789 accomplishes this goal by eliminating county concealed weapon licensing boards as well as the discretionary licensing authority currently held by those boards. With the elimination of the county licensing boards, county clerks would administer the concealed weapon licensing process. 

 Background checks that are statutorily required to obtain a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) would be conducted by the Michigan State Police (MSP). However, the MSP would not retain the discretionary authority currently held by the county licensing boards since SB 789 mandates that all persons who statutorily qualify for a CPL (i.e. not prohibited under 28.425b and satisfy all financial and submission obligations) would receive a license.

Furthermore, SB 789 provides enhanced avenues for redressing licensing delays, wrongful denials and restoration of rights. Under SB 789, the county clerks and MSP have 45 days—beginning on the date fingerprints are taken—to either issue a CPL or provide a notice of disqualification. If the licensing authority fails to comply with the 45-day requirement, the individual’s fingerprint receipt and driver’s license will serve as a temporary license. For renewals, the expired license will serve as the temporary license. SB 789 also provides an avenue to appeal for wrongful denials and petitions for restoration of rights through circuit courts."

>>>Gun owners praised the Governor and groups like the MCRGO and NRA in this Facebook post. 

Comments include: "See, better than Schauer!" one said. "Pleasantly surprised" wrote another. "Thank you Governor Snyder!! The lawful gun-owners in the Great State of Michigan thank you!!"

The bill was pushed to the floor in "lame duck" after Senator Green refused to vote for the May 5th "Road Funding Vote Package" until his gun bill was voted on by the legislature. They did, and he subsequently voted for the May 5th proposal.  

Snyder, left, with Green during a previous bill signing.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


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