Wednesday, December 31, 2014

14 Stories WMP Readers Knew Before Anyone Else

West Michigan Politics readers knew about the following 14 stories before anyone else. Thanks for reading, have a great start to your 2015!

-WMP broke the news Ottawa County Elections Coordinator Justin Roebuck had applied to replace retiring County Clerk Dan Krueger, and also successfully predicted he would be chosen as the new Clerk!

-WMP broke the "Hagar Park Sign" being removed in Jenison before MLive, WZZM, or anyone else

-WMP exposed Atheist extremist Mitch Kahle in a manner no one else has yet to do. (And please, GH Tribune, he's not a "civil rights activist." He's an atheist activist and an anti-Christian bully.)

-WMP broke the news Faith Steketee had been fired as Ottawa GOP Executive Director and covered it days before the Holland Sentinel. We also revealed how the Organizational Committee voted on the decision to fire her.

-WMP broke the story Arlan Meekhof received a $5,000 fine despite his outrageous attacks against Geoff Haveman in the 90th State Hose primary for a $50 fine. MIRS and Gongwer picked it up.

-Also picked up by MIRS and Gongwer was the WMP story on the Dems racist anti-Snyder mailer...

-When the Ottawa GOP refused to release the delegate list to even delegates themselves, WMP obtained it and released it.

-WMP exposed Bill Huizenga's Disney vacation with bankers he regulates...

-Also on the Huizenga front: WMP discovered Huizenga has 14 campaign reports that are over 10 years due in some cases. Much more on that next week.

-WMP broke the story that Brian Ellis was targeting Dems in direct mail to beat Amash, a story picked up by Jack Hunter's Rare Media.

-After the Holland Sentinel said "outside groups" were funding a controversial mailer against Geoff Haveman, WMP disocvered it was actually pretty close to home, right in Holland Heights... Joe Haveman and Arlan Meekhof funded the 616 PAC's headline-grabbing mailer....

-Bill Schuette's transition on pot policy seems to go unnoticed by everyone, but WMP readers know..

-After WZZM gave Joe Haveman's wife a forum to say Geoff Haveman "stole her husband's sign," WMP obtained a photo and WMP readers polled resoundingly rejected the outrageous claim. Anyone with eyes would.

-And it's a few years old, but WMP revealed Arlan Meekhof lied to Dave Agema about "e-verify" to keep him out of the 2010 State Senate primary....

Those are the highlights...Thanks for reading!


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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