Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breaking: MI SOS Office: Huizenga Campaign Finance Activity "Isn't Normal," Investigation Coming Soon

 By Brandon Hall
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In a conversation with a Secretary of State analyst in the Campaign Finance division of the office this afternoon, WMP can confirm activity surrounding Rep. Bill Huizenga's controversial "Huizenga House Fund" from his time as a State Rep. is suspicious and unusual.

After pointing out the facts revealed to WMP readers yesterday, I said, "So this isn't usually how things go, right? This isn't normal?" She opined, "no, sir, it isn't normal."

I then inquired how one would go about commencing an investigation. That information was provided.

All complaints are investigated she said, so an investigation WILL take place. Look for a whole lot more in the coming days on that front... (Hint: I am filing the required paperwork in the coming days, probably after New Year's...)

According to the Secretary of State's office:

"If the Department finds that there may be reason to believe your allegations are true, the
Department must attempt to correct the violation or prevent further violations by informal
methods such as a conference, conciliation, or persuasion, and may enter into a conciliation agreement with the alleged violator.

If the Department is unable to correct the violation or prevent further violations informally, an
administrative hearing may be held to determine whether a civil violation of the MCFA has
occurred, or the matter may be referred to the Attorney General for the enforcement of criminal
penalties. An administrative hearing could result in the assessment of a civil penalty."

To read more about Huizenga's 14 outstanding campaign finance reports due, CLICK HERE.

Rep. Bill Huizenga

An excerpt:

"Rep. Bill Huizenga, who has been the subject of controversy this week after West Michigan Politics revealed his Disney vacation with interests he regulates and other issues surrounding his office, still has campaign finance reports that are 10 years late. They are from his time in the Michigan State House.

Documents obtained by West Michigan Politics raise immensely substantial questions that deserve attention.

Huizenga is the treasurer and beneficiary of the "Huizenga House Fund," his leadership Political Action Committee from his time as a State Rep.

According to the Michigan Secretary of State's office, Huizenga has over a dozen reports that have not been filed. They list 14 outstanding reports from 2004-2009. Because Huizenga has failed to comply, they denied his request to dissolve the committee in 2013. It appears that, amazingly, Huizenga has just been able to avoid repeated requests by two different Michigan Secretaries of State by simply ignoring them."

>>>Huizenga has yet to account for thousands of dollars in PAC money and loans to himself, among other issues, such as a $6,000 discrepancy from one month to the next.

Stay tuned...
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. The disclosure division has never been well staffed at the BoE. I highly doubt much will come of it. Yeah, the books are a mess, but I have seen worse. I'm not sure there's much they can do to compel the committee to report when they granted it a waiver eight days before that last letter. This is a conundrum of the BoE's own making.

  2. The waiver was for FUTURE reports Jason. All 14 reports are STILL due and have been due for 10 years.

    1. The BoE didn't scan the waiver letter, so you cannot say for certain the waiver only applies to future reports.

  3. 5-10 years, depending on the report. And they have wide latitude to get Bill to comply, including resources in the Attorney General's office...

    1. They haven't bothered the committee for a year and a half. That speaks volumes.

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