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Breaking: Detroit News Says MCRGO And NRA NOT Accurate, Snyder Yet To Sign CPL Bill...WMP Learns Legislature's Website Falsely Claimed It Was Signed

 By Brandon Hall  
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After the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners said Gov. Snyder had signed into law a bill Friday eliminating County Gun Boards and improving the CPL process for gun owners, the Detroit News is reporting that is actually NOT true.

In a tweet Saturday afternoon, Chad Livengood of the Detroit News said Snyder aides are saying Snyder has yet to sign the bill.

>>>Snyder administration sources tell WMP that the website for the legislature accidentally indicated the bill had been signed, that is why MCRGO claimed it was. WMP subsequently reported what they had said.

MCRGO is a trusted organization, and they were the victim of false information from the legislature's website. They said the Legislative Service Bureau's error was unprecedented in the decades they've been involved in Lansing. Mistakes happen,

In an effort to get WMP readers the information as soon as possible, we trusted the word of MCRGO (who trusted the LSB) and did not wait for confirmation from the Governor's office. I sincerely apologize for this, and will take great care to make sure it does not happen again.

  The NRA has also been fooled by the website error. They issued this statement:

"Today, Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed Senate Bills 789 and 790 into law.  These important pro-gun bills create a more efficient, consistent and expedient concealed pistol licensing process through the creation of a true “shall issue” licensing system for all statutorily eligible Michiganders.

This legislation eliminates county concealed weapon licensing boards as well as the discretionary licensing authority currently held by those boards.  With the elimination of the county licensing boards, county clerks will administer the concealed weapon licensing process.  Background checks that are statutorily required to obtain a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) will be conducted by the Michigan State Police (MSP). However, the MSP would not retain the discretionary authority currently held by the county licensing boards because SB 789 mandates that all persons who statutorily qualify for a CPL (i.e. not prohibited under 28.425b and satisfy all financial and submission obligations) would receive a license.

Your NRA thanks Governor Snyder and the state legislators who voted for this critical concealed pistol licensing reform.  Please stay tuned to your email inbox and for a more detailed description regarding how this reform will be implemented in the coming days."
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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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