Friday, October 20, 2017

You Scared, Bro? Upton May Abandon US Senate Campaign Over Bannon Fears

Bannon, left, Upton, right

By Brandon Hall
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Is Rep. Fred Upton abandoning what seemed like a certainty at Mackinac, running for US Senate, because he is scared of Steve Bannon?

That's what some reports are saying about Upton, who has been in Congress for over 30 years...

According to the Detroit Free Press:

"According to several GOP insiders, it wasn’t a matter of whether Upton would run, but when he would announce. Today, however, the congressman from St. Joseph appears to be having second thoughts. 
One source familiar with Upton’s deliberation says the congressman has gone from “95 percent” certain he’d run to “more like 50-50.” “He’s gone coy over the last few days,” the source told me. 
So what’s changed his mind, or at least leading him to waffle in his decision? 
Upton did not return a call seeking comment. But those close to Upton say he’s in part concerned about former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon thrusting himself into many Senate races. Even though Bannon is largely targeting incumbent establishment Republicans, moderate members of Congress — like Upton — know they could also end up in his vindictive cross-hairs. 
Upton was one of the only Republicans in Michigan’s delegation who never endorsed Trump leading up to the election, so it’s easy to see why he may fear he has a target on his back." 
Bannon, who left the White House during the summer, is declaring war on enemies of the President's agenda and plans to involve himself in many Senate and House races during the 2018 cycle.  
Bannon is visiting Michigan in a couple weeks, he'll be in Macomb for a fundraising dinner on November 8th... Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Bannon is the friend of all "swamp drainers". Grass roots candidates have a shot when people like Bannon have their backs. Thanks for all you are doing Steve.

    Make Michigan Great Again

  2. Time to take out the trash (i.e. Upton)!!!