Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Breaking: Taxpayers Funding Boersma's Legal Fees After Secret Spring Lake Township Board Meeting Vote

Boersma, right, with former SLT Trustee Rick Homan (Grand Haven Tribune/Marie Havenga)

By Brandon Hall
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A confidential source tells WMP that the Spring Lake Township Board recently met in closed session, outside of public view, to discuss the controversy over Spring Lake Township Clerk Carolyn Boersma's involvement in multiple yard sign heists related to the Ferrysburg Mayor's race.

WMP has learned the board voted unanimously, with Boersma abstaining, to authorize township tax dollars be used for any legal fees Boersma may incur as a result of criminal charges in the case.

It's unclear if the Scholten and Fant law firm will be used as is typically the case with SLT, or if another firm will be utilized.

WMP broke the story a few weeks ago, reporting that Boersma was in the middle of a police investigation and may face criminal charges after a series of sign heists from a home supporting Ferrysburg Councilmember Regina Sjoberg, who is currently running for Mayor.

Police found signs inside the Boersma's vehicle after identifying the car from trail cam video and eye witness reports...

Boersma told the Grand Haven Tribune the whole issue was a misunderstanding.
"“This is just a simple misunderstanding," Boersma said. "Neither Tim nor I are in the habit of stealing political signs. I hope to have the issue explained and resolved very soon. But, until then, I really can't say any more.”

Boersma has yet to elaborate why she violated established procedure for sign removal, and no charges have been officially filed yet... Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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