Thursday, August 17, 2017

Will Ted Nugent Endorse Lena Epstein For Senate?

By Brandon Hall
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Michigan Senate candidate Lena Epstein is receiving some big praise from rock star Ted Nugent in her fight to send far left Sen. Debbie Stabenow to the unemployment line.

Epstein and Nugent appeared together yesterday during an episode of "The Specialists" on Fox News.

Speaking to Frank Beckmann on WJR Thursday, Nugent spoke glowingly of the Detroit area businesswoman, who burst on to the political scene last year as a Co-Chair of President Trump's Michigan campaign.

"I spent some time on Fox  with a young lady from Detroit, her name is Lena Epstein, and boy, did she nail exactly where Michigan has to go, and get rid of Debbie Stabenow who is a status quo Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters weirdo intentionally and openly trying to destroy the American dream," Nugent said.

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Nugent says he isn't making any formal endorsements quite yet, but his appearance with her and positive comments afterward could be a great sign for Epstein that the Motor City Madman may back her candidacy.

Nugent was in the news recently for saying that Kid Rock has no plans of running for the seat despite teasing he may do so. Epstein says if Kid Rock enters the race, she'd love to campaign with him so they can work together toward defeating Stabenow.

Epstein has been extremely visible at events across the Great Lakes State, notably rallies held by Michigan Trump Republicans where she is frequently a keynote speaker.

Epstein, who has unapologetically stood with President Trump since last summer, has received strong grassroots support because of her commitment to the President, as well as the Constitution and conservative values.

Epstein has also proven that she can raise money, bringing in nearly half a million dollars in just over a month before the campaign's first FEC deadline.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Putting on my "Campaign Analyst" cap....

    Lena Epstein seems a nice person, but not ready for Prime-Time...

    So Lena was one of countless Trump CoChair's in Micihgan. I don't care if someone was a CoChair of our Greatest President ever Ronald Reagan back in 1980. I actually expect something more than just that on their Resume' - but it is seems to the lazy and intellectually un-curious her mentioning Trump's name is enough for them. #LazyVoters If someone claims to be a Reagan Conservative doesn't mean they get a PASS - PROVE IT!!!! It appears, these days, Name Dropping is a qualification?!?!? Ridiculous!!!!

    Affixing herself to Trump is OK but not when it is all you have. It is strategically troublesome as SHE IS NOT TRUMP. Expecting that you are going to get each and every Trump Voter is a very flawed strategy and Donald BARELY carried Michigan by 10k Votes (and that is a margin Democrats can erase by better turnout (or Voter Fraud) in Wayne County alone). It is one thing to say I SUPPORT TRUMP but when it's all you got, it is THIN.

    Whenever she is anywhere but a pre-planned (known ahead) topics/questions with pre-planned (well rehearsed) Talking Points (short, fluff piece interviews) she shows she is lost and ill-prepared and will be buried by Stabenow in a Debate.

    Here is one example of her ill-prepared, fumbling, stumbling, interviews:

    Before anyone makes a final decision on supporting Lena, please check out the following discussion (especially the comments section) and add your thoughts:

    related (Analysis):

  2. So the question is will Ted allow Lena's wealth and ability to buy access influence him over actual qualified Candidates?