Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dems Score HUGE Win As Former Radio Host Andy O'Riley Enters 91st District State House Race

O'Riley with wife Cindy

By Brandon Hall
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Democrats hoping to score a win in Michigan's most competitive State House district, the 91st in the Norton Shores area, have scored a major win as prominent radio personality Andy O'Riley has launched his campaign for the seat.

O'Riley says he is running to continue the work of improving the Muskegon area.

"There is a little over a years worth of work ahead," O'Riley said in a Facebook statement. "As we go along, we're going to work to make sure the people of Muskegon, Michigan have the representation they need. Your concerns will be heard. Our community and people will be my focus and together, we'll continue to make Muskegon better every day. "

After retiring from the radio business, O'Riley started "Positively Muskegon" to promote good things happening in the region.

O'Riley will likely win the nomination and subsequently be very hard for Republicans to beat in November....

The seat is currently held by State Rep. Holly Hughes. She is term limited and running for the State Senate seat currently held by Geoff Hansen in the 34th District. 

Hughes faces former State Rep. Jon Bumstead, a favorite of the conservative grassroots, in the primary.

Stay tuned!
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. It's not entirely clear from this article, but is he running as a democrat?

  2. The first word... Dems score...go back have another look. First word...

  3. Why do you have a photo of Trump if you're running as a democrat??

  4. That's the author, I am a Republican... Andy is the Democrat running for State House pictured on top...