Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lansing Establishment STUNNED As Maddock Raises More Money Than Any Other State House Hopeful

Maddock, left, with Donald Trump Jr.

By Brandon Hall
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The numbers are in: Matt Maddock has raised more money for his State House campaign than any other non-incumbent running. 

Even when considering sitting Representatives, only 3 raised more than Maddock: Speaker Tom Leonard, State Rep. (D)aniela Garcia, and State Rep. Chris Afendoulis. (State Rep. Holly Hughes loaned herself $250,000 for her State Senate campaign as well)

Maddock, who owns a bail bond company, is also involved with the Michigan Trump Republicans, Michigan Conservative Coalition, and other grassroots groups.

According to MIRS:

"Matt MADDOCK is letting Lansing and 44th House District residents know -- he's in the race to succeed Rep. Jim RUNESTAD (R-White Lake) to win it.

Campaign finance reports filed Tuesday show the conservative grassroots leader's House campaign collected more money than any non-incumbent and more money than any likely House candidate in the entire state.

In the first half of 2017, Maddock raised $70,970 and has nearly all of that available in cash on hand. Only House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-DeWitt) ($136,609 raised, $207,242 cash on hand), Rep. Chris AFENDOULIS (R-Grand Rapids Twp.) ($91,800 raised, $161,481 cash on hand), and Rep. Daniela GARCIA (R-Holland) ($87,826 raised, $153,655 cash on hand) collected more money from Jan. 1 to July 20 than Maddock.

However, the term-limited Leonard is likely to roll over his money into an expected Attorney General Bid. Afendoulis and Garcia are both expected to pass on a third House term for respective state Senate runs.

"This was our first goal, to raise $70,000 and we hit it," said the Oakland County conservative firebrand. "I know I'm going to have spend twice as much and work three times harder than anyone else because the establishment is going to do whatever they can to keep me away.

"But we're serious about this race and we're going to do whatever it takes to win."

The owner of A-1 Bail Bonds by profession, Maddock has earned a reputation as being a leader of a tight-knit group of "platform" Republicans, which has nearly taken over the leadership of the Oakland County Republican Party and the Michigan Republican Party's 11th Congressional District (See "MRP Rejects Maddock Slate In 11th," 2/6/17).

Instead of attending the MRP's February convention, the Maddock contingent gathered at a different location as a type of splinter group.

He came within 1,630 votes of knocking off Sen. Mike KOWALL (R-White Lake) in 2014 and this time, with Runestad running for the Senate, Maddock will have more resources, more volunteers and less square area in which to knock doors.

Consider this: The $70,970 he raised in two weeks for the 2018 bid is nearly as much as the $78,837 he raised in 2014 for his entire Senate campaign." 

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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