Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lansing Establishment NIGHTMARE: "Trump Republican" Matt Maddock Announces State Representative Campaign

Maddock, left, with President Trump

By Brandon Hall
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It's a thought that leaves the Lansing establishment trembling: State Representative Matt Maddock.

After the 2018 primary, Oakland County voters in the 44th State House District could make Lansing's nightmare a reality.

Maddock announced Friday he will seek the State House seat currently occupied by State Rep. Jim Runestead. 

Runestead, by far one of the best legislators in either chamber, is running for the State Senate seat currently occupied by Mike Kowall. Kowall is term limited and running for his next government paycheck, Secretary of State. Maddock challenged Kowall in the 2014 primary and nearly beat him, an impressive feat for anyone, especially a political newcomer.

Maddock's running as a "Trump Republican," a good tagline considering the President did very well in that area, crushing Hillary by a double digit margin.

Through the Michigan Conservative Coalition, of which Maddock is a prominent leader, as well as the Donald Trump Presidential campaign, Maddock has beefed up his understanding of the political process a lot in recent years, and with lessons learned, he's ready to crash the Lansing swamp's party, living large off the backs of taxpayers at every turn.

Maddock is immensely popular with the grassroots and is seeing support flow in from conservatives all across the state. 

A fervent door knocker armed with statewide supporters, as well as a big league volunteer army in the 44th, Maddock will be hard to beat, despite the Lansing establishment's best efforts to smear him and lie about him repeatedly, which assuredly, they will do.

According to a press release:

"Maddock credits much of his conservative principles to being a small business owner and seeing first hand many unnecessary barriers to job creation.  He and (wife) Meshawn have owned A-1 Bail Bonds of Michigan for decades and it is the largest such business in Michigan. Maddock’s campaign will center on the Michigan economy, education, corporate “welfare”, roads, and the cost of government.   He supports a part time legislature in Michigan and endorses the Republican National Platform."
Maddock says he's sick of Republicans acting like liberals. 

"Over the last few years, I've knocked on over 10,000 doors and personally spoke with thousands and thousands of voters,” Maddock said.  “By far, their biggest complaint was that elected Republicans often behave and vote just like Democrats!”
Maddock says he is running to "Make Michigan Great Again."

“I am committed to our great Republican values and will work to create a clear contrast between any Democrat nominee for this seat," Maddock said. "I will do everything that I can to create that contrast.  When elected I will work to pass policies to make Michigan irresistible to manufacturing and all industries again. We want to Make Michigan Great Again so we can watch our children and grandchildren prosper right here in Michigan."
Look for a lot more on this race throughout the campaign, including Maddock's controversial opponent.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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