Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fieger Time? "The Million Dollar Mouth" Leads Gretchen Whitmer In Shocking New 2018 Poll


By Brandon Hall
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In a shocking new poll released last week by Tom Shields of MRG, controversial Detroit attorney Geoffrey Fieger leads former Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer 26% to 24% in the race for Dem Gubernatorial nominee in 2018.

The poll, commissioned by Bill Ballenger, is immensely interesting.

Fieger, nicknamed "the million dollar mouth," previously ran against Gov. Engler in 1998, getting beat down by over 20 points.

A lot has changed since then though, 2018 isn't 1998.

Why should Republicans worry about a Fieger campaign?

Michigan voters would never back a rich, controversial, populist outsider with a mouth as big as his checkbook, interesting hair, and a big league love of the spotlight... ;)

According to The Ballenger Report:

"The poll found Fieger holds a big lead in Detroit, with 53% support to El-Sayed’s 21% and Whitmer’s 9%. Fieger also leads in out-county Wayne, with 46% to Whitmer’s 15% and El-Sayed’s 11%.
Fieger swept the balance of the Tri-County SE Michigan area as well. The survey shows him leading Whitmer in Oakland County, 27%-21%,and Macomb County, 33%-23%, with no support whatsoever registering for El-Sayed in either county.
Whitmer scores best on her native mid-Michigan turf, with 46% to Fieger’s 20% and El-Sayed’s 3%. She also shows a substantial lead over Fieger in West Michigan, the Tri-Cities/Thumb; and Northern Lower Michigan. Whitmer and Fieger are tied in the Upper Peninsula. El-Sayed fails to register any higher than 8% in any of those geographical areas.
Fieger holds leads within the poll’s margin of error among both male and female voters. Fieger also leads Whitmer by a slim margin among younger voters (18-39) and older voters (65+), while the two are virtually tied among voters age 40-64."

Stay tuned!
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Considering the stunts the Michigan republicans have pulled (Prop 1, playing games with the income tax, crony capitalism via the "Gilbert bills"), I see Team "r" having a difficult time getting any traction during the next go-round regardless of who they are running against.

    Michigan Voters just don't like two-faced liars!