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Abortion Extortion Backfires As Chatfield Turns Tables On Blackmailers: Who Is Targeting Him?

By Brandon Hall
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A scheme designed to threaten State Rep. Lee Chatfield has completely backfired after the freshman legislator turned his blackmailer's dirt into a powerful reminder that God uses imperfect messengers to reach people, and sometimes those messages can be quite the surprise...

It is still unclear who was targeting Chatfield and his family, stay tuned...

According to a statement from Lee and Stephanie Chatfield:

"Please see the statement below made by my wife regarding her unplanned pregnancy in high school. I'm extremely proud of my wife for her courage!

Be Pro-Life – But offer help to women in need

There are women all around us in our communities that need help with pregnancies. There are young girls that have unplanned pregnancies and feel that there’s nowhere to turn and no one to confide in. These girls are afraid. And these young girls - feeling alone, helpless or ashamed - unfortunately turn to the only solution that they believe can solve their supposed crisis: abortion. I know this personally, because as a teenager in high school, I had an abortion.

To tell you the truth, I desperately wish that I had the courage as a teenage girl to accept and welcome my child into this world. I wish that I had the same amount of courage that it’s taking me to share my story now. But I didn’t, and I made a decision that I’ve thought about and regretted nearly every day since. It’s haunted me. It’s made me weep. It’s made it difficult to look in the mirror at times. I knew that what I did was wrong at the time, but I never imagined the weight and guilt that I would carry as a consequence. But now, it’s time for me to tell my story, and if this testimony helps other young girls, then to God be the glory.

First, I would sincerely like to thank the person who recently contacted my husband. You informed my husband that you had heard a rumor, and that you would keep digging. You promised that you would ensure that this story went public. In fact, your desire to see this story go public emboldened me to do something that I should have done years ago. After speaking it over with my husband, I felt that telling my story was best. And no matter the intentions of anybody wishing to see this story go public, this I am certain of: God meant it for good and will glorify Himself through this.

In high school, I made a poor decision to attend a party one night. I have no memory of the majority of that night, but judging by my appearance and physical condition the next morning, I knew I had been taken advantage of. Three weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t tell my friends. I didn’t tell my parents. Truthfully, I didn’t tell anybody. I was ashamed and I was scared.

The decision that I made one week later to abort my child was the worst of my life. Rather than find comfort in the ones around me that loved me the most, I sought to take care of the situation the only way that I knew how. I should not have done it. It was my easy way out, but little did I know that I would be stricken with an unbearable guilt for the months and even years to follow.

It wasn’t until after I spoke with my parents and my then ex-boyfriend (now my husband, Lee), that I realized the full forgiveness and grace that God freely offers through His Son Jesus Christ. You see, Christ took my place on the cross and bore the weight of my sin so that I could have eternal life. And though my sins are forgiven, I never want to minimize the mistake that I made that day, because it now magnifies the love and grace of my Savior through the telling of this story.

To girls everywhere, if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, whatever the circumstances, know that those around you love you and want to help you. There are crisis pregnancy centers in our area that exist for the sole purpose of helping girls like you. The support is there. You will not be judged, but rather you will be loved and forgiven. Be courageous. Reach out and look for support!

To those who’ve had abortions and might be battling with guilt, there’s forgiveness in Christ. There’s a life to be lived! God has so graciously blessed me with four beautiful children and a wonderful, loving husband who takes care of us and adores me for who I am, mistakes and all. God has forgiven me, and He’ll forgive you too.

To all Pro-Life advocates, be against abortion – yes, but let's continue being proactive and looking for young girls and women who are hurting, suffering and confused so we can offer them assistance. Let’s be about solutions and showing the true love of Christ to each and every woman in our communities and families.

And to everybody reading this, remember what I had forgotten – that God is greater than our sin. I am confident that God can continue to use an imperfect person like me to bring Himself glory. And while the life vs. choice debate will continue to wage on, this I know for certain: I made the wrong choice. Yet, I plan to use my story to help girls, love others and serve as a living testimony of God’s grace and forgiveness.

-Stephanie Chatfield"
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Thank you for posting this, Brandon. And thank you, Lee, for being a man who models putting true forgiveness and love ahead of error and sin. And thank you, Stephanie for baring your soul and for using your painful (I struggle with using "shameful," but am not skilled enough to encapsulate the latter word with seamless and overwhelming forgiveness and restoration, which you have received.) I add my encouragement to any guys and gals to save yourselves the pain and downside of getting into the situation Stephanie did, but recognize that we who oppose abortion are not out to get anybody who does what they shouldn't. Rather, we value your life and well-being as much as that of an unplanned baby.

  2. "You informed my husband that you had heard a rumor, and that you would keep digging. You promised that you would ensure that this story went public."

    Sounds like they succeeded.

  3. Dr. Z (Richard Zeile)May 24, 2016 at 6:32 AM

    I deeply appreciate the humility and courage of Mrs. Chatfield in sharing her experience for the greater good. She had every right to privacy in this matter which every decent and honorable person would acknowledge. But by choosing to give her narrative she brought glory to God and hope to others tempted by sin and/or burdened by guilt. And this is the right presentation of Christianity to the world- we Christians are but beggars telling other beggars where to find bread.

  4. Thank you Stephanie for sharing, you are to be admired for your courage. I would only add tangible information so anyone experiencing what you experienced would know where to seek caring and compassionate help. In the Grand Rapids area there are three pregnancy center that have free services available. HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid (616)459-9139, Alpha Women's Center (616)459-9955 & Pregnancy Resource Center (616)456-6873. 1(800)-57Woman will help you find a center near you in Michigan. If you are living with hurt and regret and looking for confidential care and support call Project Rachel 1(888)456-4673 or Surrender the Secret email at
    Don't Panic, you're not alone, be sure to check out what is available to you so an abortion decision doesn’t have the final say in your life.
    -Paula Veneklase, HELP Director

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