Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WOW: Casperson Busted Wining And Dining With Washington Lobbyists While Missing Extremely Important Detroit Schools Vote

By Brandon Hall
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State Senator Tom Casperson has been called the "nation's most liberal Republican Congressional candidate" in his race against Jason Allen to replace Rep. Dan Benishek in the First District, but skipping out on votes isn't the way to improve conservative street cred.

In fact, Casperson was the only Senator who missed yesterday's important series of votes on the Detroit Public Schools...

Where was he? In Washington, wining and dining with DC lobbyists and special interests at a big National Republican Congressional Committee event. WMP has obtained exclusive photos of Casperson at the dinner.

The Michigan Freedom Fund absolutely blasted Senate Majority Leader Meekhof and Senators who showed up to support the bill Casperson didn't bother fighting. Many call it a $700 million bailout of Detroit Public Schools...

"The bill approved today by the Senate would establish a Detroit Education Commission, giving the Mayor of Detroit and his handpicked cronies the power to prevent any additional charter schools from ever locating in Detroit, limiting parental choice and trapping countless future Detroiters in a public school system that has irreparably failed generations of Detroit students," MFF said in a press release.

The release was titled "Senate Republicans to Detroit Parents: Your Kids Don’t Matter," with a subheading "Republican Senators Set New Standard for Shame with Plan to Abandon Detroit School Children, Declare Detroit a No-Choice Zone."

It continues:

"Duggan and Steve Cook, the President of the Michigan Education Association, are vocal opponents of parental choice in education and have publicly praised Senate Republican leadership for today’s legislation.

“It’s no wonder union special interests applauded Senate Republicans today. Shameful doesn’t begin to describe Senate Republicans’ willingness to strip Detroit parents of the future educational opportunities their children need,” said Terri Reid, President of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “The insanity of this package is that it focuses on preserving the status quo rather than expanding expectations and increasing accountability. Stunningly, not only have the cowards in the Republican caucus been willing to abandon their principles, now they’re trying to wipe away future generations of Detroiters’ best chance at a quality education.

“Tens of thousands of Detroit families have already fought back against a broken and failed school district and have found hope and a brighter future in charter public schools. It’s deplorable that when Detroiters need them the most, Senate Republicans refused to stand with them.” 

50 charter public schools currently operate in the city of Detroit, educating an estimated 30,000 Detroit school children." 

>>>Here is how the Senate voted:


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Thought Kowall was a Democrat. Check your list. His votes surely look like a Democrat.

  2. It's funny how these articles never mention that Lt. General Jack Bergman is running for that seat as well. Allen is just as big a Liberal. I think it's time the First District voted for someone with more substance. I think it's time to send in the Marines!