Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Breaking: Desperate To Stop Trump? Shady Phone Calls Promise Hundreds Of Dollars Toward A Cruise To Vote For Ted Cruz In Michigan

By Brandon Hall
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An Ann Arbor area man tells WMP he received a shady phone call this morning from a Pro-Cruz group offering him hundreds of dollars to vote for Ted Cruz in the Michigan GOP Presidential Primary next week.

It was unclear who paid for the call, but it seemed to be from a PAC supporting the Texas Senator's Presidential bid...

The call came from 313-327-3046, a number registered on Michigan's East side.

Larry Salliotte, a retired builder from Ann Arbor, says the robocall offered a "Cruise for Cruz," promising $650 towards an actual cruise if one voted for Ted Cruz next week.

Though this call was likely not from Cruz's official campaign, they have come under fire before for, among other things, offering voters "checks" that were not what they seemed...

According to Conservative Intel:

"As echoes of the Iowa controversy involving Ben Carson allegedly leaving the race continue to haunt GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, new mailers are now raising questions.

Cruz, who also found himself the subject of attacks after “voter violation” mailers in Iowa, is sending out mail pieces that indicate a “check is enclosed” to those receiving them.

What they are, in fact, is a fundraising pitch for the Cruz campaign."



Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. If you google that # you get a list of scam alerts... I actually don't believe it to be a Cruz PAC at all (doesn't even make sense)but some con-artist (Rubio might say it was Trump lol) trying to make a buck scamming people for their credit card numbers.


  3. It may not be true, but I have a tendency to believe it, because Cruz has flip/flopped on the issues (which means he is not trustworthy)and is campaigning for president even tough he is not eligible.(which means he is not trustworthy).....All those who thought Obama wasn't eligible now for the same reasons, now magically believe Cruz is ? Just because someone SAYS they are Christian does NOT mean they are..........I remember very well when Clinton and Obama said they were Christian. How did THAT work out for everyone ?

  4. I think Cruz is such a lying snake in the grass he would go so low as to do ANYTHING to STOP TRUMP and get the Nomination!!! Cruz is not Christian at all. Check out the Church he attends and the "cult-like" practices they perform! His Dad is a NUT-CASE!!! I guess it is inherited. I don't think Cruz will have to worry about the election much longer anyway, there are several lawsuits coming up making Cruz PROVE his eligibility!!! And He CAN NOT do it!! He is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, the FIRST requirement to run for Office of the President!!! I am hoping Trump will go ahead and sue him on this eligibility case himself. And Rubio will have to go too. Neither one of them are ELIGIBLE to run for the office of President (much less HOLD that office!) #TRUMP2016!!!

    1. Terry just curious... What is it that you have against Baptists (I am not one). What cult-like practices have you observed at their church? Do you share Trumps religious views? Donald Trump has two ruined marriages, is now on his third marriage, has boasted of adulterous affairs in his much hyped book, admitted to no need of repentance before a holy God, made much of his money from casino operations, and currently owns a strip joint. Voters can do better.

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