Monday, March 23, 2015

State Rep. Gary Glenn Posts "Alert" Because New MDN News Editor Is Gay

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) has decided it is worth his time to "alert" constituents about the sexuality of new Midland Daily News News Editor Tony Lascari.

Glenn is known to have made many controversial comments over the years on gay marriage and similar issues, so this controversy is no surprise, it's just par for the course in Glennville.

Glenn, in a Facebook post Sunday, draws attention to Lascari having a husband, blasting him via an "alert" while quoting the article announcing his promotion.

Here is the full post:

Lascari promoted at Daily News
"Agenda Alert -- Midland Daily News' new news editor: political science major who "lives in Midland with (his) husband"

MIDLAND DAILY NEWS -- "The Midland Daily News has announced the promotion of Tony Lascari to the position of news editor. ...In his new role, Lascari will manage the full-time news writers, news clerk and freelancers. 'I’ll be able to focus on assigning out stories to the right writers, editing articles, and handling story ideas from the public,' Lascari said. 'I’ll be doing a lot more copy editing and hopefully some coaching with writers to improve writing and our stories.'

...That path started in 2005 when the Daily News offered Lascari a position. 'I was interested in the position because it was the city government beat,' he said. 'Since I had a major in political science, it fit with my interests.'

...Family and nature are also important to Lascari. 'I enjoy spending time with my nieces and my nephew, I’m an occasional runner, and I love spending time in Midland’s parks,' Lascari said. 'I live in Midland with my husband, Mark.'"

Lascari, in a statement he released, replied to Glenn's post:

"I am aware that Michigan Rep. Glenn has issued an 'agenda alert' on Facebook and Twitter to let his supporters know about my marital status. I welcome him to contact me to speak about any topic at any time. In my new role as news editor at the Midland Daily News I look forward to helping my team produce quality stories that are accurate, interesting and important.”

Glenn is immensely popular in the party's social conservative wing. He is in his first term as State Rep, and he seems like a nice guy. He should probably spend more time on the recent alternative to the May 5th road tax proposal he introduced in the House-it's far more important. And productive.

State Rep. Gary Glenn

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. This reminds me of the homophobic "candidate" (if that's what you can call this perennial, crackpot gadfly) for mayor of Warren, Hawke Fracassa. He's repeatedly stated his position on gay marriage as, "That's disgusting."

  2. May 1,2015 - Hawke worked his last newspaper editor job for me and, despite our differences more recently, I never lost sight of the fact that he was a highly skilled journalist. We provided a great deal of support in helping him recover his health during the last several months of 2014. That was enough -poignantly, now - for him to move home at Christmas and be with his two lovely daughters who both visited him in Wyoming. He was hugely proud of them. God bless them and God's speed to Hawke Fracassa.