Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rep. Price Now Claims She Never Had a Private Conversation With Governor Snyder Over Right to Work

According to Ottawa County (Tea Party) Patriots leader Jim Chiodo, State Rep. Amanda Price is denying ever making comments that she had a private talk with Governor Snyder about Right to Work.

West Michigan Politics first reported Price's comments in a post yesterday.

"During the Ottawa County Patriots meeting there was confusion on Gov Snyder comments regarding "right to work" / whether he would or would not sign a bill," Chiodo said. "However, I don't remember hearing Amanda Price say she had a private conversation with Snyder. A call from Amanda about the blog...confirmed she had no such conversation with the Gov."

However, Price DID say she had a private talk with the Governor. Her full quote was "I've seen the Shirkey bill and signed it, but I had a discussion with the Governor and he said he will not sign it. It's off the table." Multiple attendees of the meeting back WMP's reporting.

We are in contact with Rep. Price's office and will update you as soon as we know more.

OF NOTE: We recently profiled what Amanda Price has been up to, and we were fair as always.

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