Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chiodo: Tell us what your plan is, Mr. President

Mr. President,

Recently you said “we weren’t paying attention and we can’t understand debt complexities” (are we too stupid?). You said 80% want tax increases (a surprise to 79.9% of us). Now you publicly appeal to raise the debt ceiling and scare seniors by suggesting they will not get SS checks.

We do pay attention and understand. It’s not complicated. Debt is due to spending more than you have. Yes, Bush spent too much and we weren’t happy with him but you doubled Bush’s rate of spending and debt.

Despite Bush blamers, numbers don’t lie. Your spending increased the debt $4T from $10.3T when you took office. The failed stimulus, dubious bailouts and increases to every area of government resulted in a 25% spending increase. Worse, it spawned job killing regulations and meddling into the lives of all of us.

As for the debt crisis, you denigrate Republican proposals yet nothing is forth coming from you or Democrats. You say, “Now is the time”. Why wasn’t it time when you submitted a budget early this year, which the CBO said increased spending? Do you still think we can spend our way out of debt?

You’re willing to “discuss” cuts but give no specifics. Please don’t tell us federal salaries will be frozen like you did last year, yet an average of 270 white house staffers enjoyed an 8% pay increase. Don’t tell us we need to sacrifice while you, Michelle and relatives live like royalty with servants, vacations, parties and use the ultimate “corporate jet”.

You talk of taxing the rich, calling them “millionaires”. Tell us please, who are millionaires? Are they small business owners making $250,000? Do closing tax loopholes mean eliminating mortgage tax deductions which you think are only for the rich? Are corporate jet tax deductions (part of your stimulus) any different than deductions of millions of other business? Also, explain how taxing “rich” investors and small business which create jobs will put Americans back to work?

Lastly, reducing discretionary spending is not enough (even if you cut back on parties and vacations). There is no mathematical solution without changing SS and Medicare. Republicans put forth a solution but it was met with jokes and name calling. Pushing grandma off a cliff is an outright lie. The proposal would result in zero change for anyone over 55 yrs old.) Is your “plan” to do nothing (Nero fiddled while Rome burned) and talk about raising taxes?

Please Mr. Obama, tell us exactly what your plan is. Americans want to know why you want to raise the debt ceiling. Is it simply to spend more like Greece, Spain (and California).

JIM CHIODO is the leader of the Ottawa County (Tea Party) Patriots

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