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Breaking: Matt Hall Asks Ronna To Boot Wendy Day From MIGOP Leadership For Refusal To Back Trump

By-Brandon Hall
(Email West

Matt Hall, a MIGOP State Committee Member, conservative activist, and  former Trump delegate in Cleveland, says that MIGOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel must remove Grassroots Vice Chair Wendy Day from her post.

According to an email statement:
"Members of the Michigan Republican State Committee:

I wanted to share with you the note I sent to Chairwoman McDaniel today.

Chairwoman McDaniel:

I am writing you to formally request that you invoke your Article IV G 1. power to declare the office of Michigan Republican Party Grassroots Vice Chair vacant.

This section of the Michigan Republican Party Bylaws states that "The Chairman shall have the power to declare vacant the seat of any officer who refuses to support the Republican nominee for any office within the State of Michigan."

Donald J. Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee. He is seeking election to the office of The Presidency, an office on the ballot in the state of Michigan.

Wendy Day is the current occupant of the office of Grassroots Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. She has used her privilege of serving as an officer of the Michigan Republican Party as a bully pulpit to voice her opposition to the Republican Presidential Nominee, and in turn has attempted to discourage Republican voters from supporting the Republican Party Presidential nominee.

For the most recent example of Ms. Day's commentary please see the below link from a television interview she gave on Fox 2 in Detroit this week.

Her remarks begin at the 6 minute mark.

Note that her title "MIGOP Vice Chair" is displayed on the screen when she speaks.

I have transcribed some of her statements that justify declaring the office of Grassroots Vice Chair vacant.

"I am not a fan of either" (referring to Mr. Trump & Hillary)

"I think that most Americans are kinda feeling like I am, that neither one is fit for office"

"We probably need an all male staff in the White House, because between Bill & Donald there's a lot of potential for trouble"

"My conscience is not comfortable with either one of them . . . looking my children in the eye and saying yes, I believe one of them would be a good President - I can't do it"

These remarks clearly demonstrate Mrs. Day's refusal to support our Republican Presidential Nominee. Which gives you the power to declare the office vacant.

Declaring an officer position vacant is a power that should be exercised very carefully by the Michigan Republican Party Chairman. However, Ms. Day's comments are exactly the reason that this provision is contained in our bylaws. In fact, in my 12 years as an active member of the Michigan Republican Party, I have never seen comments even close to these directed toward the Party's Gubernatorial or Presidential nominee from any officer of the Michigan Republican Party. We must send a message to Michigan voters and party members, who are working so hard to elect Donald J. Trump President of the United States, that the Michigan Republican Party stands united with them, and our Presidential nominee.

I have full confidence in you to do the right thing. I also have full confidence in your ability to lead our Party to a Republican Presidential Victory in Michigan, and return Republican majorities to Congress, the Michigan House of Representatives, and the Michigan Supreme Court.

I look forward to celebrating with you on November 8th.


Matt Hall
3rd District Republican State Committee Member
Member of the Policy Committee
Grand Rapids, Michigan

PS - I will be sharing this memo with the Republican State Committee"

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

>>>Email him at

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  1. Dear Ms. Romney-McDaniel, I heartily and enthusiastically agree with Mr. Hall. In fact, I think that there should be some type of disciplinary action available to deal with the likes of Paul Ryan. Ever since Mr. Trump officially became the Republican nominee, the question has been, "Do we, or do we not, want a Republican in the White House?" If our Republican leadership is weak and spineless, we will be forced to accept a minimum of four years of Hillary, with all the damage she can inflict. Why do we have to wonder whether Wendy Day is with us or against us?

  2. We must be united and support our candidate.

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