Friday, July 29, 2016

Dems WORRIED: Biden Says He'll Be "Living In Michigan" To Stop Trump

By Brandon Hall
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Vice President Joe Biden recently said he'll be "living" in Michigan-as well as Ohio and Pennsylvania-in order to make sure the states go to Hillary Clinton in November.

Hillary and Trump have been in a dead heat here for weeks, with one recent poll showing the two tied among Hispanics and Asians, and Trump beating Clinton 3:1 with Independents....

According to reports:

"Vice President Joe Biden says he will spend much of the time leading up to the November general elections by campaigning in Michigan and other Midwestern states.

Biden calls it a bid for Democrats to better connect with working-class voters.

Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won Michigan’s presidential primary in March in part because they saidHillary Clinton had backed trade deals that drove manufacturing jobs overseas.

The Clinton campaign has fought that image throughout the presidential contest.

On the MSNBC program “Morning Joe” Vice President Joe Biden told host Joe Scarborough the Democratic Party is dispatching him to Michigan and other battleground states in the industrial Midwest to make the case for Clinton.

Biden said, “That’s why I’m going to be living in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan. I think the Democratic Party overall hasn’t spoken enough to those voters. I think there has been, in both parties, not enough respect shown to ordinary people.”

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