Friday, July 29, 2016

Breaking: Feel The Berg? Retired General Jack Bergman Surges In Private MI-1 Polls

Jack Bergman
By Brandon Hall
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It was long thought to be a two-man race between State Senator Tom Casperson and former lawmaker Jason Allen in Michigan's competitive 1st Congressional District Republican primary, but WMP has learned multiple private polls indicate retired 3 star General Jack Bergman is not only competitive-he damn well may win!

In a sign that campaigns are responding to Bergman's numbers, Casperson released a hit piece on Bergman earlier this week, but the move may prove to be too little, too late, an attempt as desperate as it is futile.

"Establishment liberals like Casperson have no problem throwing a great veteran like Bergman under the bus," said Matt Maddock, a leader of the Michigan Conservative Coalition. "They'll do ANYTHING to try to keep their power. Good voters in the 1st will see right through this cowardly hit from behind."

Bergman's campaign fired back in a statement.

“Tom Casperson was caught lying once before, and he's been caught lying again” Tony Lis, Bergman Campaign Manager said. “Jack has never run for political office and has run a positive campaign based on his service to the nation. He served his country for over 40 years and spent much of his free time working to help veterans, unlike his opponent who spent his time helping special interests in Lansing. Attacking a retired general for helping his former troops is despicable and not representative of the values of Northern Michigan. I ask that voters join me in calling on Casperson to take down this untruthful ad.”

And Bergman responded with an ad of his own...

According to MIRS:

"A new ad released by retired Lt. Gen. Jack BERGMAN calls Sen. Tom CASPERSON (R-Escanaba) a liar over a recent Casperson ad that said Bergman was a former lobbyist who owned a company that targeted veterans. Bergman and Casperson are in a three-way GOP primary race in Michigan's 1st Congressional District. Former State Senator Jason ALLEN is the other candidate in the field.
Bergman's 30-second spot features the following script spoken as photos of Casperson in and around a large truck appear as a backdrop.

“Tom Casperson wouldn't know the truth if it hit him with a truck.”

“This time he's lying about Jack Bergman. He says Jack was a lobbyist - - a lie. He says Jack owned a company that targeted veterans - another lie.”

“Just more dirty tricks from a political insider. Let's tell Casperson to hit the road”

“Then Bergman appears on the screen as says - “If you want change in Washington send a straight-talking Marine Corps general. I'll get the job done.” I'm Lt. Gen. Jack Bergman and I approve this message.”

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


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