Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Developing: Snyder Has "Strong Concerns" Over Religious Objection Adoption Bill, May Veto

Gov. Rick Snyder (Photo via the Detroit Free Press)

By Brandon Hall
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A source close to the situation tells WMP Governor Rick Snyder has "strong concerns" over a recent bill sent to him by the legislature allowing faith based adoption agencies who receive state money to deny adoptions to gay or unmarried couples if they religiously object to doing so.

"I would be shocked if he signs this bill based on what I have been hearing today from his office," the source said of the Governor.

"After what I heard today, what happened in Indiana, and his statements on a veto of the RFRA, I just don't see how this adoption bill gets his signature."

The bill is described by Jonathan Oosting of MLive as:

"Private faith-based adoption agencies that receive state funding but choose to deny service to gay parents on religious grounds have won the blessing of Michigan's Republican-led Legislature.

The state Senate, in an unexpected and unannounced move, took up religious objection adoption legislation on Wednesday, approving the three-bill package in a series of 26-12 votes.

One Republican, Sen. Tory Rocca of Sterling Heights, joined all 11 Democrats in opposition.

One of the bills, changed slightly by the Senate, must return to the House for concurrence before heading to the desk of Gov. Rick Snyder, whose office said he was "closely reviewing" the legislation after initial House approval in April."

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