Monday, June 15, 2015

Breaking: Mitch Kahle Under Police Investigation For Illegally Trespassing On Dewey Hill After WMP Complaint

By Brandon Hall
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Controversial Atheist extremist Mitch Kahle is under police investigation this morning after I filed a complaint with the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.

Grand Haven Department of Public Safety policy is to not comment on ongoing investigations.

The inquiry comes after Kahle admitted to the Grand Haven Tribune on Saturday that he "frequently hikes" the Kitchel-Lindquist Dune Preserve containing Grand Haven's Dewey Hill. Kahle's "hikes" are illegal.

(UPDATED Portion) When asked for comment by a media outlet, I said: "This morning, I filed a complaint with the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety against Mitch Kahle for unlawfully trespassing on Dewey Hill.

Dewey Hill is a sensitive, protected dune area that forbids "hikers" such as Kahle, who freely admits in the Grand Haven Tribune on Saturday that he frequently illegally enters the area.

In his twisted, systemic campaign of hatred toward Christians, Kahle threatens anyone in his way with legal terror, and evidently thinks he can trample on Grand Haven landmarks with impunity. Kahle should be held accountable for his outrageous actions."

According to the Tribune article:

"Kahle said he frequently hikes in the Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve, which includes Dewey Hill, and other local trails.

“It’s tragic the city has not made an effort to clean this up and preserve the hill for generations to come,” he said."

Wow... Kahle seemingly used one such unlawful hike to take pictures for a complaint over the Nativity to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Grand Haven City Manager Pat McGinnis said that "no trespassing” signs are posted in that area, and whoever took the pictures with the complaint was in restricted areas."

Leave it to Kahle to illegally trample on a sensitive dune area he claims he wants to "protect" from the Cross and Nativity...

In an April 5th Facebook post, Kahle admits to taking the photos on the Michigan Assoc. of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA) Facebook page he runs:

"On Sunday, April 5, 2015, MACRA members observed that the city-owned nativity scene—which has been left lying on the ground—is eroding the sand dune and killing dune grass at an alarming rate."

(The complaint with the MDEQ says the photos were taken Easter weekend, which corresponds with Kahle's post...)

McGinnis had made the fact Dewey Hill is no trespassing crystal clear before. In a January Tribune article, McGinnis said:

“Meanwhile, (Dewey Hill) is 'no trespassing"

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. The man is an American hero. Someone needs to fight the religious kooks.

  2. Michigan law when it comes to trespassing WHERE IT IS NOTED BY SIGN OR POST CANNOT pass a sign with in two feet after said sign.
    He can be in front of it all day.
    Regardless, this is stupid. Are you doing this because you truly with all your heart believe in the restoration of the dunes and to save it from human destruction, or are you doing this because You do not like him, are upset because of his actions in the past when it comes to his lawsauits and the constitution? So much for turning the other cheek.

    If this is all you got, awesome...way to go on wasting tax payers dollars on this stupid thing, THAT WILL GO NOWHERE!! It's 2017 and what's been done?

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